Your guide to comprehensive gastric balloon

The process of the gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss program includes the development of a balloon of silicone filled with saline in the stomach, this helps the balloon to lose weight by limiting how much a person can eat and makes him feel full faster. The gastric balloon is a good option if you have a problem with excess weight and work out your diet and exercise to solve this problem.

As most of the procedures weight loss the other, requires placing the gastric balloon healthy lifestyle. You will need to make healthy changes permanent on your diet and exercise regularly to ensure the success of this procedure in the long term.

Where lies the necessity of this procedure?

Help put the balloon on the weight loss thus reducing the risk of exposure to health problems caused by excess weight such as:

Are relying on the gastric balloon or surgery the treatment of obesity , generally only in the case of failed attempts to lose weight through improved diet and sport.

What are the types of gastric balloon?

Are available in the markets many types of gastric balloon imported from several countries such as China, Russia and the United States, etc., but most non-reliable source, where approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on only three types of the gastric balloon are:

1. Area (ORBERA)

This is the most widely used type in most countries of the world, which one balloon is inserted into the stomach using an oral, it fills the balloon with saline using a catheter almost 500 mc, add a few drops of blue dye. Keep this balloon in the stomach for six months, lost through a person approximately thirty or forty kilos an average of 30% of the former weight.

2. Rice (RESHAPE)

This is similar to the previous Type Orbera in the way to enter the quality of the material used to fill the balloon in addition to that both give the same result in terms of the number of kilograms lost, but this type is characterized by using a balloon instead of one as well as in the type of balloons used, which is safer and less prone to puncture a balloon that may have a doctor to get him out before the deadline.

3 – Obalon (OBALON)

I don’t like this kind of two former never, as is the introduction of this balloon by means of capsules of small size filled with nitrogen gas are monitored by X-ray. Can use one or more capsules as needed, but the results of this type lower than the type of the previous two terms of weight loss, an average of 10%.

What are the conditions that must be met for this procedure?

  • That ranges from your body mass index between 30 and 40 no less, no more.
  • To be willing to change your lifestyle and commitment to work health and obtain medical follow-up regular.
  • Not undergone any surgery in the stomach or esophagus of before.

Conducting gastric balloon is not the right option for all who suffer from overweight doctor determines the possibility or the need to undergo this procedure.

How can you put a gastric balloon?

Here are some steps that you should follow before you undergo gastric balloon:

  • Do all the tests and X-rays as requested by the doctor to ensure the absence of any possible risk as a result of this procedure.
  • Tell your doctor in case medications need to be consumed regularly or a certain health problem you may encounter by.
  • Ask you physician fasting for several hours before you undergo the operation, make sure that you abide by the doctor’s instructions.
  • Will be to conduct endoscopy of the digestive tract before the surgery to make sure the safety of knowledge and the absence of any defects therein.

What are the steps of this procedure?

During the procedure

  1. Before starting the procedure is the anesthesia drug bust and give the person a mild sedative to help him relax and to avoid the occurrence of contractions in the esophagus during introduction of the endoscope.
  2. When using technology to store or free the doctor inserts a thin tube loaded balloon into the stomach via the mouth. Then the doctor inserts endoscope or a flexible tube with a camera through the mouth also, where the camera allows the doctor to see the balloon while filling it with the saline solution. As in the technique of balloon, the doctor inserts a small capsule or more to the Institute.
  3. The balloon is being filled with saline plus a few drops of the color blue as a way to in the event of a hole in the balloon and the crop where the person the appearance of a blue color during urination. As in the technique of Obalon is the use of hydrogen gas being lighter than saline and less risk in the event of a puncture.

The process takes about half an hour. The person can usually return home after one to two hours of the end of the procedure.

After the procedure

After about six hours of the procedure you can eat small amounts of clear fluids must be confined to your diet to liquids in general until the beginning of the second week where you can start eating soft foods, and it’s likely you’ll be able to start eating normal after about three weeks of the introduction of the balloon inside the stomach.

Is leaving the balloon inside the stomach for up to 6 months and then be removed using the endoscope. And then based on the plan determined by you and your doctor are developing a new balloon or not. After the procedure also will meet frequently with members of your healthcare team such as the dietitian and psychiatrist.


The gastric balloon slows down the time needed to empty stomach it is also a change in the levels of hormones that control appetite so you’ll feel full faster than usual which means that you will eat less at each meal.

Depends how much weight you can lose from this process is your ability to change your old habits and adhere to a diet new exercise. During the first six months after balloon placed inside the stomach the body loses about 7% to 15% of the weight of the total weight loss of the process as a whole ranges from 30% to 47%.

As is the case with procedures and other surgeries that lead to weight loss significantly, it may help gastric balloon is to improve or address the situations that are often related to overweight, including:

  • Some diseases of the heart.
  • The high blood pressure.
  • A disorder of breathing during sleep.
  • Osteoarthritis and joint pain.
  • The second type of diabetes.
  • The high proportion of cholesterol in the body.
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

What distinguishes the gastric balloon from the rest of the ways to get rid of excess weight?

  • Is a non-surgical procedure and therefore will not leave any trace or scar on the body.
  • Does not require general anesthesia but only local.
  • In most cases you don’t need to stay in hospital for more than an hour or two after placing the balloon.
  • The results are impressive especially when you comply with the instructions of the doctor to follow the diet and exercise.
  • Less expensive than the surgical procedures used to get rid of excess weight.

What are the risks of gastric balloon?

About one-third of persons who are subject to for balloon stomach get pain and nausea after a short time of the introduction of the balloon into the stomach and these symptoms are usually for only a few days after placing the balloon, where can cope with these symptoms by taking oral medications prescribed by a doctor.

In rare cases side effects may occur serious after you put the balloon inside the stomach, so you should contact your doctor immediately in the event of nausea or vomiting or abdominal pain at any time after surgery. Include the potential risks for gastric balloon deflation of the balloon. If you shrink the balloon can be achieved through the digestive tract which may lead to the blockage requires additional action or additional surgery to remove the balloon. And other possible risks acute pancreatitis or ulcer or hole in the wall of the stomach which may require surgery to fix it.

What are the most important places to make the process of gastric balloon?

· In the Arab world:

Dallah hospital – Saudi Arabia.

Saudi German Hospital Private weight-loss – Dubai.

The Jordanian Centre for the treatment of obesity – Jordan.

· In Germany:

Heidelberg University Hospital.

Center Hamburg – ended side.

The Klinikum Stuttgart hospital include general.

· In Turkey:

Medipol mega hospital.

Liv hospital etc.

In addition to the many centers and other hospitals competent in the treatment of obesity in both Germany and Turkey.

How much is the cost of gastric balloon?

The cost of gastric balloon is rather high for a non-surgical, relieve this cost depending on the type of balloon the user and the cost of the hospital as well as a salaried physician.

In England, such as the average cost of this procedure is $ 5,000, in Poland range from 1900 to 2250 USD, while in both Germany and Switzerland, amount to more than 8,000 USD.

What are the alternatives to a gastric balloon?

The process of linking knowledge:

A surgery is done by the organization, this process depends on the size of the stomach by connecting them with a belt, used in cases of morbid obesity any more than their body mass index of 40.

Sleeve gastrectomy:

A surgery also depends on the resection of part of the stomach to reduce its size with a focus on the segment responsible for the secretion of the hormone feeling of hunger, thus this process is useful for in reducing the amount of food covered by the individual and also relieve the feeling of hunger reduce significantly.

The process of converting the track:

Is a non-surgical procedure is performed using endoscope, which is the most popular because they allow the person to download the different types of food without the process, to change the course of part of the stomach to the part that says secrete digestive juices and hormones that control absorption body food leading to create the body of the food without absorbing it and therefore drop the weight significantly.

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