Xithrone medicine leaflet for treatment of pharyngeal and laryngitis


Ztheron antibiotic Xithrone, medicine Ztheron belongs to a group of antibiotic drugs Almacrolad class which works to inhibit the synthesis of proteins in bacteria and germs and limit their growth and reproduction, and is used to treat inflammation of the nose, tonsils, pharynx and treatment of skin infections infection.

The active substance of zithron

It contains a substance azithromycin Azithromycin , a substance that destroys the bacteria that cause infection.

The real estate form of Zithron

  • Zithron syrup at a concentration of 200 mg.
  • Zithron tablets, 500 mg.

Indications for use of zithron

  • It is used to treat infections of the pharynx and larynx.
  • Ear infection treatment.
  • Treatment of boils, abscess, and skin and soft tissue infections.
  • Eliminate infection resulting from sexual contact that occurs as a result of infection with chlamydia bacteria.
  • Treat a nose infection .
  • Treating chest and throat infection.
  • Treating tonsillitis .
  • Bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • Treatment of venereal diseases accompanied by infection with the chlamydia microbe.

Contraindications to Xithrone use

  • For those who have had an allergic reaction to azithromycin, avoid taking the drug.
  • Zithron should not be used in people with liver insufficiency.
  • For those suffering from biliary stagnation, avoid eating tar.
  • Zithron syrup is not used concomitantly with ergot derivatives such as ergatamine and migraine medications.
  • The drug is not prescribed for those suffering from chronic diseases such as heart, liver, kidneys or diabetes .
  • For those with liver failure or erosion, avoid taking the drug.
  • For those suffering from an irregular heartbeat , avoid taking the drug.

Zithron and breastfeeding

  • Xithrone is not recommended for use during breastfeeding as the active ingredient passes into the breast milk and affects its health.

Zithron and pregnancy

  • It should not be used during pregnancy as it causes birth defects.

Real estate interaction with zithron

Before using Xithrone, inform the doctor about the medicines and dietary supplements that are being taken, especially the following medicines that are not to be taken with Zithron:

  • Medicines to treat depression such as digoxin.
  • Acidity medications.
  • Terfenadine is a hay fever drug.
  • Anticoagulant medicines such as warfarin.
  • Irkut Medicines – Ergotamine.

Medicines that require dose adjustment such as:

Xithrone dosage for adults

  • The usual adult dose : Take one tablet per day and continue treatment for up to 3 days.
  • The dose and duration of treatment prescribed by the doctor must be adhered to.

Xithrone dosage for children

  • It is not used for children less than 6 months old.
  • Dosage for children less than 45 kg : A dose of 10 mg / kg of the child's weight is taken as a single dose for 3 days.
  • Dosage for children greater than 45 kg: The dose is taken as one 500 mg tablet once a day and the treatment continues for 3 days.

Side effects of Zithron

Side effects may occur when using Xithrone, such as:

  • Headache, loss of appetite, and a feeling of numbness and tingling in children.
  • Infection with poor digestion.
  • Feeling dizzy and nauseous.
  • Diarrhea and inflammation of the pancreas.
  • The appearance of a rash and swelling of the face or lips.
  • Itching and bruising.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Continuous bleeding and bruising in the body.
  • Arrhythmia .
  • Impaired liver function.
  • Hearing impairment and vision disturbances.
  • Low white blood cell count.

Xithrone substitute

There are some medicines that contain the same active ingredient, such as:

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  • Zithromax .
  • Zithrocan .
  • Unizethrocure.
  • Ramy – Zithro.
  • Gigazocin.
  • Epizethron.
  • Badozithron.
  • Azurlide.
  • Azithromycin.
  • Iwalk.
  • Izzy – Lance.
  • Azatripact.
  • Azalide.

The difference between zithron and xistrosine

  • Both Zisrocin and Zithron are macrolide antibiotic drugs that are used to treat infections caused by microbes and bacteria. It is a quick treatment for colds, acute bronchitis, pneumonia and vaginal infections.
  • Zisrocin contains azithromycin in the syrup at a concentration of 100 mg / 5 ml, and capsules at a concentration of 500 mg.
  • Zithron contains azithromycin in tablets at a concentration of 500 mg and in a syrup at a concentration of 200 mg.
  • Zithron is produced by the Amon Pharmaceutical Company, while the drug Azithromycin.


Zithron before or after eating

  • It is recommended to take a dose of Zithron on an empty stomach one hour before eating or two hours after eating.

Zithron 500 and Corona

  • The drug Xithrone is used in the treatment protocol for the Coronavirus in hospitals, which is effective in relieving the pneumonia caused by the Corona virus .

Zithron price 2021

  • Tablets 500 mg The package contains 3 tablets, the price of the package is 32.5 Egyptian pounds, while the package containing 5 tablets is priced at 45 Egyptian pounds.
  • Syrup 200 mg, a bottle of 15 ml costs 30.75 EGP.
  • Bottle of 25 ml of drink, the price of the package is 43.25 Egyptian pounds.

Xithrone for teeth

  • Zithron can be used to treat dental and mouth infections caused by a bacterial infection.

Zithron and acne

  • Some dermatologists may use Xithrone for acne because of its effective ability to treat acne-causing bacteria.

Zithron and tonsillitis

  • Xithrone is prescribed to treat tonsillitis caused by a bacterial infection.

Zithron and diarrhea

  • One of the side effects of Zithron drug is that it causes diarrhea due to the relaxation of the passage and liquid faeces at a rate of 3 or more times a day, but this symptom is mild and does not need treatment, but in the event of poor health and severe diarrhea, the drug should be discontinued.

Zithron and pressure

  • There is a drug interaction between the drug of the macrolide antibiotic and hypertension drugs, especially the calcium inhibitors, as there is a drug interaction between the two drugs and causes a severe decrease in blood pressure.

Zithron for vaginal infections

  • Zithron is used to treat vaginal infections resulting from sexual intercourse and is used to treat infections of the sexual system in men and women.

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