Why should a fetal heartbeat

لماذا يتوقف نبض الجنين

لماذا يتوقف نبض الجنين

Once pregnancy begins, all mothers in the regular follow-up with the competent doctor, to make sure the health of the fetus, the passage of time the doctor can hear a fetal heartbeat through the ultrasound machine, but there are cases where a doctor’s fetal heartbeat, which can be output from the stop pulse of the fetus, and in this article we will explore why the heartbeat of the fetus and abortion is.

What is abortion?

Before we get to why is a fetal heartbeat, we will explore what is abortion, abortion is the loss of the fetus or pregnancy before the 20th week, and sometimes abortion occurs before pregnancy to Week 12, and that abortion occurs for several reasons and these reasons stop the growth of the fetus or the sudden stop of the heartbeat of the fetus inside the uterus.

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When can hear the fetus’s heart?

Before we get to why is a fetal heartbeat we will stop on when you can hear it, where the doctors begin to search for a fetal heartbeat during the first three months of pregnancy, however may be closer to the date of the end of the first trimester of pregnancy and the doctor can hear a fetal heartbeat using a doppler device, has been called the pulse of the child in the week of the ninth or tenth almost.

The absence of a heartbeat early sign of worrisome because the heart of the infant begins to work when you reach the fifth week of pregnancy, as all mothers anxiously to hear the heartbeat of her child, but in some cases you may not be able to hear the fetal heartbeat because of his status or position of the placenta.

During the first weeks of pregnancy and stages of fetal development, when the doctor can hear the heartbeat of the fetus it usually ask the mother to wait until the date of the next follow-up, but once you do not hear the pulse for the next time he will find a doctor to use an ultrasound to determine the cause of not hearing the heartbeat of the fetus, usually have a reason to stop the fetal heart is stopped the growth of the fetus.

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Related topics

Why is the pulse of the fetus?

The most common reasons are:

Disorders of pigment

Think that about 3 of every five cases of early miscarriage associated disorders chromosome of the fetus, most of the chromosomal aberrations due to either the egg is not natural or the sperm is not regular or a problem occurs when the process of this, and in this case the body to abort the baby themselves if there is a problem in a chromosome or a problem in the growth of the fetus.

The problem of blood clots

Can lead disorder blood clots for the mother (blood clots) to a blood clot in the veins small, fragile in the placenta or umbilical cord, and can influence such meetings to the bloodstream and can make baby’s heart stops it prevents the access of blood and oxygen to the fetus.

Twisting of the umbilical cord

Can lead to twisting of umbilical cord around the neck or the parties to prevent the supply of blood and oxygen to the fetus, and when this occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, can lead to the cessation of the heartbeat of the fetus.

Progesterone deficiency

Can lead to low levels of progesterone during early pregnancy to stop the growth of the fetus, making the baby’s heart stopped beating.

At the end of the article, dear readers, after that we know why the heartbeat of the fetus and what is abortion and when it can hear the fetal heart rate to make sure the continued growth of it and make sure your health, the mother must War continued regular follow-up with physician to make sure the safety and health of the growth of the fetus, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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