Why baby cries at birth

لماذا يبكي الطفل عند الولادة

لماذا يبكي الطفل عند الولادة

In the moment where the baby was born, shows the first your not on his arrival to this world, but are crying for all children at birth? You continue to cry or cry for a few minutes and then shut up they are? We will in this article on why baby cries at birth and why shows your child that healthy?

Why baby cries at birth?

Think your baby after birth perfect condition and for a good reason, once the baby is born, Will doctors usually use suction tube to clean any liquid remaining in the nose and mouth of the child, this allows to run systems of the body and stimulate the baby to cry, sometimes it is done by the child himself, where the lungs began to work when your child aloud, helping to breathe better.

Why is your baby at birth is important?

After that we know why the child cries at birth, we will explore why this step is important?

Throughout the period of pregnancy, is D baby of oxygen needed directly into the uterus through the placenta, and during the growth stages of the child’s body, the lungs are the last organs that grow, and that the child is completely covered with fluid that surrounds the fetus in the bag, don’t use lungs to breathe, and this is the reason that all supply of nutrition and oxygen reach the body directly through the umbilical cord and placenta.

The fundamental reason that these biological that most doctors will prove they are the placenta of the child the moment of his birth, once it senses the child’s body that don’t get oxygen as it was during pregnancy, it will begin to stimulate the lungs to start work, and begin the lungs in action with the first moment of the baby crying, and begins to capture the first breath.

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Did you help your first child in development?

After that we know why the child cries at birth, we are crying, helps the baby to breathe or not.

Do not mature the lungs until very late pregnancy, and even after that, not have any function during pregnancy, when it begins Labor, the liquid begins in the drought that begins in allowing the lungs to begin the performance of their function, and begin to expand and gently, however, keep small amounts of fluids and mucus present inside the lungs, and in bronchitis, and in nostrils and even mouth, and expelled that the development of tracks to move, and crying is an attempt to dislodge them all, This is the reason to cry the first is usually accompanied by progress then becomes stronger when the air begins to enter easily.

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How to encourage doctors to your baby after birth?

Complete the identify your first child, now that we know why the child cries at birth and the importance of it, we’ll get to what happens in the case of failure of your child?

For doctors and mothers alike, the cry of the first is always the strongest brands reassuring on the ability to breathe well, so if the baby starts to cry during the first few minutes of birth, are large-scale measures to make sure that the child starts to do so.

Earlier, many of the physicians hold the baby upside down vigorously about his legs and then they hit Nice on the child, this does not cause pain slight to the child, but the movement will also help relieve any residue may obstruct the airways, and can lead it constantly to make the baby starts to cry.

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At the end of the article, dear readers, after that we know why the child cries at birth and what is important to you, I know for sure now it’s good your child at the moment of birth, it shows that he is healthy and his lungs are working efficiently, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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