When you drink water on an empty stomach the 11 is amazing will happen to you

When to drink water in public? Unfortunately we drink water when we feel thirsty after eating food containing a lot of salt or for the relief of pain after eating something very hot, but is that all? Of course not, it ensures lots of benefits but the benefits are amazing appear specifically when you drink water on an empty stomach

The Japanese women know that just because their skin sparkling crystals their body lean and their health is not genetic. it’s the habits that are relied upon each morning and therefore you can also get all of that and only through drinking water on an empty stomach … and indeed it is worth!

Why drinking water is so important?

لماذا أمر مهم جدًا؟

In the beginning we all know that water constitutes 70% of the body and therefore very important to keep eating the correct amount of water to keep the body refreshed and hydrated, otherwise there will be the face of the inevitability of the consequences of the negative short-term and long term, the drought and to provide the body what it needs from the water can cause long-term a lot of health problems, including:

So you have to protect your body from all those dangers and many more through get what it needs from the water and private drinking water on an empty stomach

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How is drinking water on an empty stomach is?

كيف يتم شرب الماء على الريق ؟

If you want to get faster and better results from drinking water on an empty stomach you should make sure you follow the right way because it is not how what the there are even some notes that can’t ensure benefits, so we have:

  • Eating 150 – 170 Milli liters of water four times after you wake up directly before doing anything. (before brushing your teeth).
  • Don’t eat anything nor drink anything except water during the 45 minutes that followed.
  • Intake of water half an hour before meals (urges aid be returned empty after digesting what you ate during the previous meal).

Note: it may be difficult to drink four cups, each with a capacity of 160 Milli-liter on an empty stomach at once, so you don’t have to overextend yourself, but do it gradually i.e. start the first day with one cup and add a cup every day to be up to the required amount which is 4 cups 160 Miele any total quantity in the morning is 640 Milli liters.

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When you will show amazing results?

The results will begin to appear in the first day and specifically at the level of the stomach and intestines and ease the process of digestion and lack of the amount of food you eat as for to get rid of constipation and inflammation of the stomach it will be during the first 10 days, and the growing interest with The continue to show on your skin and all your body, and in general can be diabetes or high blood pressure patients expect results after 30 days, either for patients with negative findings show healing within 3 months.

The benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

فوائد شرب الماء على الريق

Get ready! Because the wave of astounding benefits will you get by drinking water on an empty stomach, so I get a glass of water and eating since the moment.

11 – the process of metabolism the best Loss Weight Faster and hungry less

Running drinking water on an empty stomach to extend your diet a powerful boost, it increases the rate of metabolism by up to 25%, what helps to accelerate the process of digestion of food leading to more weight loss in the long run, besides the amount of water you drink before a meal works to fill the stomach and push you to carry less with feeling of fullness faster what lowers significantly of calories you are providing your body with it.

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10 – will help you eat breakfast

We all know the importance of breakfast and they know the beginning of fat burning of the day to the side d of the body a lot of life and energy and activity, but unfortunately there are a lot of people who don’t feel like eating in the morning make breakfast, here comes the role of money it works to remove all the waste and toxins from the digestive tract creates your stomach to receive food and make you feel hungry and helps you to eat breakfast, so the idea of meals breakfast a healthy start to your day after you drink water on an empty stomach

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9 – farewell to the accumulated – definitive elimination of

People are looking for things and materials and components work to rid the body of toxins and spend for it a lot of money, but in fact there is no any of the products or materials that could overtake the money that every effort is made to him for that.

During the night the body works to compile all the toxins present in the body out, and when I drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, this allows ways to get rid of all those toxins as extra water means more access to the bathroom.

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8. the acidity of the stomach! This was in the past.

Determine the acidity of the stomach when it rises to the level of acid in the stomach and when you go up the enzymes and into the esophagus via a muscle of the CARDIA ringworm, a can the role of water on an empty stomach in the protection part of the first works to strengthen the muscles which prevents the rise of the campaign to reduce the level of protection and reduces the distortions and all naturally without the need for drugs that have effect on the air the process of digestion negatively and lose their effectiveness with the passage of time.

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7 – immune system stronger to defend you better

If the lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues that transport white blood cells that fight infection and prevent its spread, and drink water to save the balance of body fluids to the side of the development and activity of the body lymphatic system which leads to the raise and appropriate to your body and thus having the obligation to download water on an empty stomach you will notice that your infections and colds and infections have become less in addition to that how long it takes for your body للتشافي of them are becoming shorter.

6 – before thinking barbarism against headache drink water

Did you know that the basic reason behind the bouts of recurring headaches and migraines is dehydration of the body and transfer the amount of fluids? It’s also so before thinking of download two tablets of paracetamol or ibuprofen, have a glass of water, and make sure to eat more throughout the day.

This is for the purchase of water during the day, but drinking water on an empty stomach ensures that your body humid day safe away from the headache and all the pains that relates to the drought.

Note: even with the intake of painkillers is not necessary to drink large amount of water and avoid eating them without water or with small sips or with fluids other than water.

5 – a lot of life and activity …quite a lot

Drink water on an empty stomach in the morning works to strengthen and stimulate the production of red blood cells which leads to more get oxygen and production of energy, so that amount of money to provide you with a lot of life and activity.

Besides the role of money in promoting erythropoiesis, the overall body will be healthy and more active as a result of get rid of accumulated toxins and strengthen the immune system and other benefits guaranteed by the money.

4 – of course your skin will turn out and the problems will disappear.

Let’s start! The skin is the more the members of the body affected by a low level of water in the body setting off the problems to emerge from the dryness and change and die, etc., but it does not stand here because the accumulated toxins and problems with digestion and irregular bowel movement in addition to a weakened immune system and his inability to face the infection that leaves its impact on the skin of spots and darkening of the sensitivity and, thus, of course, problems will disappear when the reason behind them. as a result of drinking water on an empty stomach will my skin more glow and shine and vitality.

3. so your hair will be more strong and shine

The water constitutes about 25% of the people and therefore dehydration and the amount of it can play a very big role and for a company such as the problems of Split ends and because your hair has become weaker, so if you want to get strong hair and increase its vitality and enhance its growth, you only need to make sure to provide the body with water and on an empty stomach.

2 – prevents problems device are

The kidney is the organ that does so much to purify the blood of waste products, but the member who cannot be cured once you get sick, but its protection is very simple just by drinking water water helps the kidneys in performing its function in addition to prevent the formation of gravel (drink water on an empty stomach relieves the campaign that lead to the formation of gravel), as well as protection from infections of the bladder and makes the process of getting rid of waste products and toxins easier and more effective.

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1 – the process of digest better and burn stomach more regular

Regulate digestion and re-balance for loans in knowledge in addition to control appetite you and prevent you from eating large amounts of food, all of it works to make the process better digestion and reduces indigestion it.

Besides the water stimulates bowel movement and helps in getting rid of the sludge accumulated in the colon is what prevents the problems of small intestine, colon and rectum, as it is considered a definitive cure for constipation.

Make sure to eat money all the time it guarantees a lot and in particular make sure you drink water on an empty stomach, even if it is hard in the beginning, you should do everything you can even remember eating it.

Keep water near you in front of your eyes – record a note on the mirror so that you see them before cleaning your teeth and on the fridge to remember before meals – set an alarm in your phone, in short it is worth you to try, seriously.


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