When to speak of the child clearly

متى يتكلم الطفل بوضوح

متى يتكلم الطفل بوضوح

Usually spread all mothers the moment that would begin their child in pronouncing his first words, where you wonder a lot of mothers when the child will begin to speak, and is there any way I can help him to adapt? Therefore we will in this article answer your question when to speak of the child clearly and how can you help him talk?

When to speak of the child clearly?

Your child learns to talk during the first two years of his life, and before you utter a word the first time, and learns the rules of language and how to use big deal, so will start using his tongue, his lips, any teeth emerging issue sounds and soon will become this sounds real words “mama” and “Dada” as early as 6 months.

Since then, it’s gonna take your baby to more words from you and anyone else around him, too. this stage the child will begin to recognize his name and pay attention when you call him or petting him, and sometime between 18 months and two years, will start in the formation of sentences from two words to four words, while the child continues to grow, increasing his ability to use words to describe what he sees and hears and feels and where he wants it.

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How to help your child to talk

After that we got to know when to speak the child clearly, we will explore how you can help him to adapt, where you can help your baby’s linguistic skills by providing an environment availability of rich in care, the most important things you must do:

Talk to him

You don’t need to speak non-stop, but you can talk to your baby whenever you are together, the mother can begin to describe what you do, and help him identify what is around him by referring to him with the company, ask questions, sing songs, and parents when talking with the child or the adaptation next to him to brace the words clear, simple, where the child learns to speak by hearing you speak well.

To read. not

Is reading to your child is a great way to introduce her to new vocabulary, the method of assembling the assembly, and how the flow of events of the story, the children are usually in the starting stages of their development issue to hear the voice of the mother, as a child small will enjoy the photos, and by the time you where in preschool, may even turn tells you what happens in the book.

Listening to her

Of the most important steps is when the child begins to talk to you, be a good listener and see him use his words, usually spoken of children when their sense of interest to our parents do what they say.

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What should happen in the case of non-cost child?

After that we got to know when to speak of the child clearly and also on how the mother or parents encouraged him to pronounce his words or initials, we’ll go through what to do when you don’t want the child in the challenge, here are some simple things you can do to help your child to talk if they weren’t already after.

  • Can the parents playing with their child and encourage the start of any votes passed by the child, where usually children rubbed when you impress all of those around them.
  • With the growth of the infant to become a small child, can be the brother or close relatives encourage him to talk by playing or interest in them and frequently with him, and thus will be incentive for the child to start his talk.

Consult your doctor in the following cases

  • If your child is fourteen months without pronouncing his first word.
  • If the child’s second year and involves at least about five words, or that he can’t speak ten words.

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At the end of the article, dear readers, after that we got to know when to speak of the child clearly and how can the parents help him move, and when the mother should consult a competent doctor, a mother can buy some of the Games speaking or producing the sounds of the girl child’s attention and help him, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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