When the child begins to sit and how you can help him?

متى يبدأ الطفل في الجلوس

متى يبدأ الطفل في الجلوس

When the child begins to sit?
Is the question that concerned parents much to their desire to see all the stages of the growth of their children quickly, as it is exciting for the child, because it opens a whole new world of discovery and play, so follow with us, dear reader the following article to know the answer to that question.

When the child begins to sit?

SIT is important and exciting for the child, which is trying to learn from the beginning wanted to discover everything new around him, and it may be your child is able to sit early at the age of 6 months, but with some help so he can install himself in the right situation.

The child remains in between 4 and 6 months trying to sit in many times, but he won’t be able to trust to put the long sitting, but lying on one side.

Has mastered many of the children the skill of sitting independent without the help of fully in the age ranges between 7 and 9 months, and then the baby starts to crawling, at which stage the fights with the discovery of his new world, even begins to learn the skill stand alone.

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When Can child sit?

After I answered the question of when the child begins to sit? There is another question linked to it, wondering about it a lot, which is when you can bring the baby?

Your child may be ready to sit if he had good control in his head, in this case, be able to sit and control the movement of his physical andmotor skills of the other.

It can also starts your child to sit for short periods of time, if you put it in an upright position at an early age rather than lie down on his back, but of course with the war to support the child well because he won’t be able to install the same.

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How do I know my child sit?

This is considered of the important questions common to a lot of parents, so you should know dear reader that a practice you think is the most important thing, so it is important to first be given the opportunity for your child to put him straight in the sitting position, to give him strength and confidence to be able to sit independently with time.

Needs to sit independent to control the turning of the body to all directions, and in the body weight, so it takes some time and practice until your baby is able to move in all directions properly.

You can help your child to sit the following:

  • Give joy to your child for the potential, gain the skills to sit alone, but with you being near him to support him.
  • You should put your baby on the floor twice or three times a day at least, and gives you time to play on the ground, to help him strengthen the position of SIT is independent, instead of sitting most of the time on the child seat.
  • You can sit with your baby on the floor and place it between your legs, or your arms, and play with him or read books and stories don’t.
  • After that you feel that your child has become more independent, you can leave it on the floor alone with put cushions around him to protect him if he fell, and watch him from afar and he says trying.

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In the end, after I answered you, dear reader, the question of when the child begins to sit? If you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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