When the baby moves in the mother’s womb

متى يتحرك الجنين في بطن أمه

متى يتحرك الجنين في بطن أمه

Think of the movement of the fetus of the vital signs that indicate the health and growth of the natural sense of, you know, in this article, the answer to your question When does the fetus in the mother’s womb and died on the movement of the fetus during the pregnancy weeks.

When the baby moves in the belly of his mother?

Mostly start feeling the first fetal movements that allow the acceleration between Week 16 and week 25, and in the case of the first pregnancy you may not feel the mother’s movement until Week 25, and in the second pregnancy you can feel it in Week 13 of pregnancy, and can feel the baby’s movement when you sit or sleep.

Fetal movement at weeks pregnancy

In Week 16, and 19

Feel the need at this stage in the flapping light in the womb, and if that first pregnancy will take some time to get to know that this feeling is actually movement of the fetus, but if a second pregnancy you may be accustomed to this freedom, this feeling.

Week 20 and 23

You may feel some punches and kicks light in this stage, the passage of time you might feel to increase the strength of these kicks and increase their number, you’ll get used to the movement pattern of the child, but if you don’t feel any movement of the baby by week 22 you should consult a doctor about this, and include some pregnant women increase movement of the child after eating, especially when eating sugary foods, but no studies indicate a relationship between the pattern of fetal movement and the type of foods you eat mother.

Week 24 and 28

The amniotic sac contains about 808 grams of liquid goods, which gives more space for movement freely, you may feel that you increase movement of the child during this stage can also sense a leap of the child in the presence of noise.

Week the 29 and the 31

Says the child in this stage a number of simple movements and the like kicks, punches, the physician may suggest to the mother after the child’s movements during the day.

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Week 32 and 35.

With the increase of the size of the child less than the space available for movement so may change the pattern of movement is usual for your child, despite that change, it should be the fetus is less active than usual.

Week 36 and 40

Turn the baby’s head down in preparation for birth, and at this stage feel the mother kicks the fetus, but in new places like kicks under the ribs, and the baby movements are slower but more powerful.

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Related topics

The normal range of fetal movement

In the early stages you may feel the mother’s flapping light from time to time, but with the growth of the fetus especially at the end of the third phase of the pregnancy is getting stronger movements occurred, some studies indicate that in the second trimester the baby moves about 30 times each hour.

The importance of following up the movement of the fetus

Follow the movement of the fetus of important things to make sure the safety of the fetus, because when a problem occurs, or fetal exposure to infection or any type of complications, less activity and movement of the fetus, the more he discover these complications early, the greater the chances of curing these problems and complications.

When should I go to the doctor?

If you don’t feel baby’s movement or you feel a lack of activity must go immediately to the doctor for check-ups and make sure not having any problems that affect his movement.

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And now dear readers, after you know the answer to your question When does the fetus in the mother’s stomach and out on the movement of the fetus through the weeks of pregnancy, be sure to consult a doctor when you notice any changes in the pattern of fetal movement or notice any strange symptoms appear during pregnancy, with my best wishes for full health and wellness.

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