When do symptoms of pregnancy what are the first symptoms

When do symptoms of pregnancy? A question of all women, and vary his answer, as pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman as some women notice symptoms of pregnancy and not notice its other, as pregnancy symptoms differ between the campaign and the last, and the only way to make sure the pregnancy is testing for, and in this article we will learn the answer and to know when to show symptoms of pregnancy, how they vary from woman to another.

When do symptoms of pregnancy?

Some studies have shown a difference in the date of onset of symptoms of pregnancy on women, where there are women show symptoms of pregnancy after 5 weeks of pregnancy, in whom the symptoms of pregnancy after 7 weeks of pregnancy, including after 8 weeks of pregnancy.

When do symptoms of pregnancy after ovulation?

An egg that has been fertilized by a sperm stays in the fallopian tube for three days, and then move on to reach the uterus and settle there, and provides the hormone responsible for pregnancy in the blood but is not noticeable in Tests only when the occurrence of the menstrual cycle, women notice changes to her body after the first week of ovulation and may show some early symptoms of pregnancy when the fertilized egg in the uterus it is possible to be late where the symptoms of pregnancy on the quality of a woman’s body.

When do symptoms of pregnancy before period?

When it comes to pregnancy treated female many physical changes, and is considered the most difficult periods of pregnancy is the first period of it, and show symptoms of pregnancy before menstrual cycle a week or days, and these symptoms:

  • Bleeding and cramps in the uterus: the occurrence of spasms in the uterus with slight bleeding of the signs of pregnancy before menstrual cycle a week or two.
  • The steep rise in the temperature of the body: rise the temperature of the body by a degree to two.
  • Grown in the size of the breast: where to hormonal changes in the female body work on the grown up breasts increase in size and birth order.
  • Feeling very tired: so that feeling tired that there is no cause of the initial symptoms of occurrence of pregnancy because the hormone progesterone increased the percentage of him making the situation feel sleepy and fatigue all the time.
  • Feeling sick: especially nausea which there is in the morning and accompanied by Vertigo and weakness in the body and loss of appetite.
  • The occurrence of bulging in the stomach: so that the occurrence of bulging in the knowledge of things uncomfortable because of the hormone progesterone had a negative impact on the digestive system.
  • Frequent urination: increased urination because of fluid accumulation in the body, you have to get rid of them.
  • The lack of desire for food: lose a pregnant woman the desire to some kinds of foods, and feeling sick working on the lost appetite completely.
  • The feeling of dizziness: it is of the early symptoms common to fall pregnant due to low blood pressure.
  • Feeling constipated: where to during pregnancy be a bowel movement more difficult and can be the food slowly through the digestive tract.
  • Headache: as Aries says the consumption of a large amount of sugar found in the blood, which makes there is a shortage of sugar in the cells which leads to headaches.
  • The feeling of thirst: because pregnant women suffer from frequent urination due to the accumulation of fluid and therefore feel very thirsty.
  • Malaise in development: pressure increases in development in the first few weeks. because a woman’s body needs oxygen to the fetus which is growing.

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If you want to know when symptoms of pregnancy, check the previous symptoms, have you felt any of them on your body? If you notice yourself any of those symptoms it means that you have loaded, you can outsource the analytical laboratory to make sure.

When do symptoms of pregnancy on the breast?

Breast pain of the initial symptoms of pregnancy, and occurs between the fourth week and the previous week, due to hormonal changes in the woman’s body becomes the breast more sensitive to touch, and symptoms that also appear:

  1. An increase in breast size: increase in breast size than the previous week until the end of the pregnancy with the advent of cracking and itching in the skin of the breast.
  2. The appearance of the veins of blood on the skin of the breast: occurs as a result of increased blood flow in order to meet the needs of the fetus shows the veins bloody on the breast and abdomen.
  3. Changes to the nipple: such as a change of the nipple and the surrounding area which becomes dark in color and the appearance of sebaceous glands in this region to eliminate bacteria, and when descent of the fetus and the augmentation nipples to prepare for breastfeeding.
  4. The occurrence of leaching in the breasts: in Week 16 of pregnancy produce breast milk, we note some women rubbed the liquid tends to yellow sometimes, so that this liquid contains food needed by the child and continues to this fluid existence until a few days from birth and then going down the throat.
  5. Lumps in the breast: appearance on mass in the breast that did not exist before conception, and is often swelling of benign and must resort to the doctor

In case you want to know when symptoms of pregnancy on the breast to check the symptoms of the former, can you back any of them on your body? If you find any of them it means that you have loaded, you can outsource the analytical laboratory to make sure.

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When do symptoms of pregnancy after late period?

Pregnancy symptoms start to appear after a delayed menstrual cycle by 4 days, and these symptoms:

  • End and stop the menstrual cycle and bleed only after pregnancy and lactation.
  • Feeling headache and vomiting in the morning after the delay in the State 4 days.
  • The change in mood and feeling depressed for no reason and this will continue until the end of the pregnancy.

When symptoms of cravings for?

Symptoms cravings early in the morning after waking up from sleep directly, it occurs as a result of an imbalance in the hormone progesterone, affects the increased arrival of nerve signals to the brain, particularly the part responsible for the smell and become the sense of smell have need Times the ordinary women, and stimulate the hormones responsible for digestion, cravings and insistent on eating a certain food at any time of the day.

Some of the symptoms of birthmark.

  1. Desire to eat salty and sharp areas.
  2. Stay away from some scents.
  3. A long sleep.
  4. Headache and vomiting
  5. Sadness, nervousness and bulging in the abdominal area.

Some means of treatment of birthmark.

  1. Eat all period so as not to cause empty stomach in nausea.
  2. Eating dry food that soothes the stomach and rich in protein and easy to digest such as yogurt and biscuits.
  3. Smell the leaves of the lemon they prevent the nausea ginger tea.
  4. Not a lot of fluids and drink water between meals in small quantities to speed up the digestion.

Some tips for pregnant women

  • Sleep adequately for 8 hours continuously until you are taking adequate rest throughout the day.
  • Wear cotton clothing apparently working on a comfortable bus during movement and absorbs the sweat and not wearing high heels in the shoes.
  • Not to eat food that contains fat and spices that increase the symptoms of pregnancy but eating fruits and foods are easy to digest, yogurt and eggs.
  • Use beauty tools for to crack which happens in the abdominal area and breasts.
  • The occurrence of exposed monthly when the doctor and the necessary tests and follow-up.
  • The work of trying to pressure and every week.
  • When the fall of some drops of blood in the last months of pregnancy, it means that the cervix has increased leading to premature birth must be way to the doctor immediately.

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Choose the answer for the question When do symptoms of pregnancy from the situation to another lady, but when checking in detail the former, we find that there symptoms are similar symptoms appear in the beginning, and in all cases should immediately visit a doctor for diagnosis and examinations needed when the appearance of those symptoms.

At the end of this article we have seen when showing the symptoms of pregnancy different and detail what those symptoms and the resulting pain and the vicissitudes in the life of a pregnant woman, you must take care and full care by parents and wife and maintain our health and eat foods appropriate for the period and see a doctor from time to time, so pass this the months with the least amount of pain.

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