When do pregnancy symptoms start to appear before the state?

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When do pregnancy symptoms start to appear before the state? This is the question you are looking for the answer to every lady’s wish for pregnancy and childbearing to look between the folds of the answer for hope in a new child to achieve the dream of motherhood.

Pregnancy symptoms start to emerge, often after an absence of menstrual cycle a few days where it shows the pregnancy hormone clearly in the analysis of urine and blood.

But some ladies are looking for hope early use of the symptoms of pregnancy by the state before a new menstrual cycle.

Are there preliminary symptoms early refer to the occurrence of pregnancy before the absence period? And what are these symptoms that can predict the occurrence of pregnancy and its occurrence early?

The answer to these questions that concern each and every lady dreams of a new pregnancy through the following report.

متى تبدأ أعراض الحمل بالظهور قبل الدورة ؟When do pregnancy symptoms start to appear before the state?

Symptoms of pregnancy by state

Show some signs when some of the ladies in early to indicate the occurrence of pollination of the egg the beginning of pregnancy usually appear these symptoms a week after fertilization of the egg, of these symptoms:

– The descent of the drops of blood light painless, which means that the egg is attached was fastened to the uterine wall, often happens that at the same time of the menstrual cycle.

– Feeling with mild lower abdomen similar to menstrual cramps.

– Feeling of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, especially early in the morning.

– Distension of the breasts and pain when you touch them with changes in the color and shape of the nipple where it tends to color their brown color gloomy with the appearance of blue veins under the skin.

Notes Ms. the high temperature slightly does not reach the degree of protection.

– Water severe sleep and sleepiness.

– Feeling tired and exhaustion .

– Desire to urinate frequently due to hormonal changes that occur at the beginning of the pregnancy.

– Loss of desire to eat and hatred of Mr. some types of foods and their separation from some of the scents because of the high proportion of certain hormones in the body with some disturbances in the digestion.

– Accumulation of gas in the stomach and a feeling of fullness.

– Depression, feeling nervous, anxiety, and nervousness due to hormonal fluctuations that occur with the onset of pregnancy.

The first week of the pregnancy the most important symptoms

The most important and most famous symptoms of pregnancy by state

Reference can be made to some of the other symptoms that affect the situation include the occurrence of pregnancy, among them the following:

– Increased heart rate and especially with any effort may be a symptom of pregnancy initial.
– Intestinal disorders, constipation, acidity and digestion.
– The emergence of grain face and skin because of the high ratio of the hormone of the body.
– Landing dizziness and low blood pressure.
– Incidence of low hemoglobin.
– The feeling of pain the lower back and heaviness in the lower abdomen.
– Burning sensation in urine and the appearance of the secretions of transparent, sticky from the vagina with the vaginal itch.
– Congestion of mucous membranes of the nose and increased secretion of saliva in response to hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy.
– Increased weight, especially abdominal, buttocks and face.
– Swelling of limbs and legs and fluid retention in bulk.

Pregnancy with twins and the most important reasons and tips to deal

متى تبدأ أعراض الحمل بالظهور قبل الدورةWhen do pregnancy symptoms start to appear before the state

What should you do case after the appearance of the symptoms of pregnancy?

After that show symptoms of pregnancy you should care about Ms. her health in order to maintain carrying it and protect it so make sure to allow the occurrence of pregnancy using means of laboratory examination, to begin the journey of pregnancy the right start to continue up to the end safely and securely, and the case follow the following steps when feeling the symptoms of pregnancy:

– The war on rest and relaxation and strenuous activity, which you need for the big.
– Stop vigorous exercise simply to light.
– Conduct blood test my number to make sure pregnancy occurs, and the ratios of the pregnancy hormone in the blood, because this analysis is most accurate to prove the occurrence of pregnancy.
– A visit to the doctor for an ultrasound and watch the changes in the uterus and confirm the presence of gestational sac.
– Taking supplements and vitamins especially folic acid, which protects the fetus from congenital malformations.
– Perform a blood test to make sure not to injure the incident anaemia with some of the routine checks to see previous infection accost or some diseases that may pose a risk to the continuation of the pregnancy.
– Check the sugar in my blood and urine and measuring blood pressure for pregnant of the most important steps to protect it from any complications future the problem of preeclampsia.
– Avoid smoking and using sources of dust pollution.
– Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially fresh fruit and vegetables rich in calcium and iron.
– Getting enough hours of sleep and relaxation to conserve energy and soothe the nerves away from the stress and anxiety.
– Eating natural juices to get energy and vitamins.

When do pregnancy symptoms start to appear before the state? An important question for every lady you pregnancy looking for these symptoms and do not want to wait until the change of the menstrual cycle show symptoms of the force, the initial symptoms appear early when some of the ladies but may be delayed when the mission in accordance with the response of the body of each lady to hormonal changes.

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