When appears the load in the blood and when to make sure your pregnancy?

متى يظهر الحمل في الدم

متى يظهر الحمل في الدم

Home pregnancy tests may provide you with an answer to the question Are you pregnant or no immediately, but the pregnancy tests in the sense may be more accurate, if when appears the load in the blood and when you can do a test campaign in the temple? Know the answer with us through this decision.

What is a pregnancy test and how it works?

By knowing when to show the pregnancy in the blood to you some information about pregnancy tests, the pregnancy tests check urine or blood in search of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and make your body this hormone after learning the fertilized egg to the uterine wall and this happens usually after about 6 days of fertilization; the levels of this hormone quickly, and multiply every two to three days.

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Trying to load

There are two main types of pregnancy tests are blood tests and urine tests.

Blood tests you can get at your doctor’s office or the institute, but not used as often as urine tests.

It can reveal these tests for pregnancy before a home pregnancy test, i.e. after about 6 to 8 days of ovulation, and it takes to get results longer than a pregnancy test at home.

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To answer a question when appears the load in the blood have to know the types of blood tests; there are two types of blood tests for pregnancy:

  • Choose the hormone of hCG, which is simply speaking of the presence of the pregnancy hormone and gives the answer “yes” or “no” to the question “Are you pregnant?” Doctors often these tests to confirm pregnancy as early as after 10 days of pregnancy, and some tests to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone much earlier.
  • Choose the amount of the pregnancy hormone, which measures the exact amount of the hormone of hCG in your blood and can find very low levels of the hormone, this test may help in tracking problems during pregnancy has been used by the doctor with other tests to rule out ectopic pregnancy, when the grown fertilized egg outside the uterus, or after miscarriage, when hormone levels drop the load quickly.

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When appears the load in the blood?

الحمل في الدم

الحمل في الدم

Unfortunately, it is impossible to detect the blood test for pregnancy immediately after intercourse, because it is impossible to predict exactly the time it takes to process the load, can be live sperm in your body for a few days, so it may not the egg is fertilized immediately, moreover the rest of the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube for several days before moving into the uterus and there.

But it may be a blood test able to detect your pregnancy six days of ovulation based on where you are in the state, and everyone, it may take 14 days or even more gives you the test accurate result.

If you Binjection a microscope or any other measure of fertility, will tell doctor to go back for a blood test, usually you have to wait about two weeks to get the most accurate result.

If you take the test too early and get a false negative result may be difficult for you, so it’s best to wait until you have your body time to produce enough pregnancy hormones to be discovered, so to answer a question when appears the load in the blood will be during six days or more, and preferably wait several extra days to make sure you being pregnant accurately.

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Even if you made a urine test at home and got a positive result, it is likely that the doctor uses your blood test to confirm the results, you will ask your doctor some questions about the menstrual cycle and the time last Friday to try to determine a time schedule for the field, as it will take a small sample of blood and sends it to a lab for testing.

Now that you know when IS shows blood pregnancy types of pregnancy tests, and tell us in the comments how you discovered your pregnancy? For further information about the pregnancy symptoms you can consult one of our doctors here.

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