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Wheat bran from the food is important, containing many of the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body, because of its importance, it is included in the manufacture of many food products in our daily life, the following will know some of its benefits and negative effects when used.

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What is wheat bran

The grain of wheat contains three basic layers, namely the seed-bran, endosperm, and Bran is the hard outer layer and are full of fiber and nutrients,

Bran by grinding the wheat, and has a sweetish taste, added to food to give it the forces of good such as cakes and bread.

The nutritional value of the diet-bran wheat

Bran contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to human health, where the half cup of contains:

  • 63 calories.
  • 4.5 grams of protein.
  • 12.5 grams of fiber.
  • 18.5 grams of carbohydrates.
  • 1.3 grams of fat.

In addition to a large amount of potassium, magnesium, niacin, and the second, the oralin, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

نخالة القمح

نخالة القمح

The benefits of wheat bran

Promote healthy gastrointestinal

Due to wheat bran on many of fiber, they help to bowel movement regularly, and also the alleviation of chronic constipation, in addition to containing probiotics1web medical: Bran, its benefits and its side effects

A type of fiber, which act as nutrient and waste to the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and also works to reduce the symptoms that affects the gastrointestinal tract cases.

Help prevent some types of cancers

Work wheat bran to prevent resistance to some types of cancers, such as colon cancer, which is of the most cancer types common and widespread.

There is a study on diversification and the importance of follow to reduce the incidence of colon cancer, because it contains some ingredients that play an important role in the fight against cancer, namely phytic acid and natural antioxidant.

Increase the production of fatty acids

It is known that gut bacteria produce fatty acids, considered a healthy food law, and wheat bran significantly increased the production of those acids, thus maintaining its integrity.

Help in the promotion of heart health

There are a lot of studies which advise to follow the system health rich in fiber to reduce heart disease.

As that one study reported that eating Bran daily for three consecutive weeks, significantly helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Some research suggests that wheat bran helps reduce triglycerides in the blood, thus avoiding the incidence of heart disease.

نخالة القمح

نخالة القمح

Damage to the wheat bran

Despite the many benefits that come when eating Bran, however, we must be careful when you use it, where to do not some negative effects2topic: damage to the Branthe following we’ll give some of them:

Contain gluten

Is gluten of the elements of the protein, due to injury some people are sensitive to gluten, they may face some difficulty when eating the bran.

Contain wheat bran to scrub the walls

Some people are infected with irritable bowel syndrome, because rubbing two has a little bit of a polysaccharide, a carbohydrate made up of glucose and fructose molecules.

Which differ in the colon, resulting in some gas, diarrhea and belching.

Here you will face these people with irritable bowel syndrome have some difficulty when consuming wheat bran.

As well as to contain acid phytic, so it acid found in plant seeds, including wheat, especially in the bran, and helps the absorption of other minerals, such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

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