What the reasons for the failure of IVF

ما أسباب فشل أطفال الانابيب

ما أسباب فشل أطفال الانابيب

Resort many women who suffer from fertility issues to artificial insemination, therefore we Style question what the reasons for the failure of IVF is? Success factors of this process in this article, dear readers, proceed with us.

How do you determine the process of artificial insemination?

Include the stages of the IVF process include the following:

  • Prevent PMS with medication.
  • Is stimulated oocytes, the use of medication to encourage the ovaries to produce more eggs than usual, and observe the maturity of oocytes, and examination of ultrasound for the development of its drug used to help maturity.
  • The needle is inserted into the ovaries through the vagina to extract the eggs.
  • After that comes the stage of fertilization, so the egg with the sperm for a few days to allow for enrichment
  • Finally the embryos are transferred, is placed 1 or 2 of fertilized eggs (embryos) in the womb, once the embryo transfer to the uterus, you will need to wait two weeks before performing pregnancy test to see if the treatment has succeeded or not.

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What are the reasons for failure of IVF is?

ما أسباب فشل أطفال الانابيب

ما أسباب فشل أطفال الانابيب

Can vary reasons that lead to failure of IVF including:

The occurrence of a defect in embryo implantation

Sometimes, you may not meet the embryo fertilized successfully to the uterus for implantation.

The failure of fertilization

May fail the sperm to fertilize the ovum, it may happen that due to problems in one of them or even both.

Double egg

To the formation of the fetus correctly, you should be OVA with high quality, and if not get them in a good quantity, providing opportunities to be the fetus.

The presence of the number of follicles is not enough

Is the lack of follicles or what you know are or a bag, an early termination of the process of IVF, and if the failure of the stimulus in the configuration of the follicles is sufficient to generate the egg, it can continue IVF.

Weakness or lack of sperm count

Also play the quality and quantity of sperm plays a role in the success of this process.

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Related topics

The consequences of the success or failure of the IVF process

After I answered to your question what the reasons for the failure of IVF is? Know the factors that affect the success and failure of this process would depend the chances of the birth of a healthy baby after using IVF on various factors, including:

The age of the mother

Whenever the mother was younger, the more likely pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby during IVF.

The condition of the fetus

Associated embryo transfer is the most developed sense of a higher overhead compared to embryos less developed (the second or third day), however I don’t succeed all of the embryos during the process of growth, so talk with your doctor about your specific.

The history of reproductive

Women who have given birth previously more likely to get pregnant using IVF than others who have not given birth ever, and the success rates for women who have used IVF several times but it hasn’t been pregnancy.

The presence of cause infertility

Increases the presence of eggs naturally your chances of pregnancy using IVF, and women who suffer from endometriosis severe less likely to get pregnant using IVF than women who suffer infertility unexplained.

Lifestyle factors

There are several factors that can affect the process include:

  • Usually women get blogging on a smaller number of eggs during the IVF process may cause the occurrence of a miscarriage, and can also be that smoking reduces the chances of success of women using IVF by 50%.
  • Can reduce the obesity of your chances of pregnancy and childbearing.
  • Can be the use of alcohol, medicines, recreational, caffeine, excessive certain medications harmful.

So talk to your doctor about which factors apply to you and how it can affect your chances of a successful pregnancy.

In the end, dear readers, after that you know the answer to your question what the reasons for the failure of IVF is? How they occur, and also the consequences of success and failure of the process, we wish you continued health and wellness.

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