What the harms of smoking on the skin?

ما أضرار التدخين على الجلد

ما أضرار التدخين على الجلد

Smoking is a bad habit harmful to the health of the body and the lung, and other organs, and if you want to know another reason for you to quit smoking, you should read this article which is answer for your question what damage smoking on the skin

Why smoking causes damage to the skin?

Can’t identify one reason it affects of smoking on the skin, but there are many reasons, including:

  • Working of nicotine is a narrowing of the blood vessels nourishing the outer layers of the body and which leads to reduced blood flow to the cells we measure the amount of oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and hyphenation for the body.
  • There are more than 4000 components and chemical in a cigarette which works to destroy collagen, responsible for the appearance of healthy skin and skin elasticity.
  • Steals the nicotine from the changes that occur to the body naturally with age leading to the appearance of early wrinkles and therefore it seems the debtor’s older.

So that skin wrinkles are difficult to treat by ordinary methods, and that requires a lot of time and money, and we get in mostly on the desired result but it can be improvement of the condition of the skin and avoid further damage to take off early from smoking.

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What the harms of smoking on the skin?

Show the damage of smoking on the skin significantly regarded doctors that smoking does serious damage to the skin no less serious than harm to the rest of the body, including:

  • The appearance of early wrinkles so that repeated exposure to cigarettes resulting from the combustion of tobacco and facial movements while smoking as collateral for the lips such as lead to the appearance of wrinkles around.
  • Smoking reduces the skin’s ability to heal in the case of wound infection, which increases the chances of injury to the skin infections.
  • Increases smoking likelihood of injury to the body cancer, including skin cancer.
  • Put the smoking areas of the body, it is reflected on the skin also, and increase the likelihood of the debtor with acne, andpsoriasis, andSLE, and some other diseases that have less infection rates in non-smokers.

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Ways to maintain healthy skin

After that you know the answer to the question of what the damages of smoking on the skin we’ll give you some tips to maintain skin health where everyone strives to maintain the freshness of the skin and well it seems you have good health and eternal youth, and tips that help you in maintaining supple skin the following:

  • Quit smoking in order to restore the health of the overall body.
  • A healthy balanced diet to maintain the weight and health and to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.
  • The use of cosmetics that contain collagen, retinol, and and here it is secreted by the skin naturally to maintain its elasticity and gets released when smokers because of the nicotine.
  • Use some natural oils to poke the tonsils which helps hydration, and cocoa butter routine daily skin care and moisturizing.
  • Laser, andchemical peels, the andEmery performed by dermatologists, beauticians, and procedures rely on peeling of layers of skin which promotes the secretion of the skin collagen and works to tighten and renew the skin.
  • The injection of plasma, the andfillerand andBotox which is injected under the skin and tighten the skin, hide wrinkles, and improve skin’s appearance and under the supervision of a physician
  • Surgery skin cosmetic to improve the appearance of the skin.

After knowing what the damage of smoking on the skin in addition to what is known of the harm to all members of the body become quit smoking is imperative to maintain your health, and if you have questions other medical you can consult one of our doctors here

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