What should containing pharmacy product

Are you going to set up a small pharmacy in your home?

Usually one family to a medical condition between now and then, which require to make first aid a quick means to therapeutic home is available which sings You go to the doctor or to the health centre, the presence of a minimum of medicines and first aid in your home. So it has become necessary to ensure every home pharmacy is a small home containing the most important medicines and tools that are used without the need for a prescription, as the presence of home pharmacy it easy for the housewife access to the medicine and its place and maintain the health of our children from tampering with it. As alert to the need to verify the expiration date of those drugs constantly.

What should I include drugstore product?

  1. 1. Pain reliever
    Even if there is no consistent, except for one thing. if you must have this thing is a pain reliever. Many health problems and various injuries cause pain, so you’ll find yourself you need several times a year. Acetaminophen (Panadol) is the drug of the basic and most commonly used as a painkiller. Interacts with a few medications and foods and side effects are minimal as it is safe in general to use most people. Be sure to eat the allowed dose just use it directly it can be hepatoxic. Other options for pain relief drugs for inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (ibuprofen) or naproxen (Nubian) so that the drugs pain and reduce inflammation also.

2. Treatment for indigestion
Affect spicy and fatty foods and eat heavily or quickly on digestion for this reason we recommend you keep with Maalox for these cases. If at all any symptoms appear periodically, regardless of the type of food you eat as the stomach, bloating, or stomach pain you need to consult a medical. It may be the indigestion a symptom of a number of other diseases.

3. Soothing for cough
Coughing fits the night of the gas is controlled troublesome for all members of the house, so I must keep medicines, soothing cough such as aerobics or dextromethorphan. Make sure that the coast is not suffering from the symptoms of other warning. If the source drive to the suffering from respiratory failure, a small child or has a fever, the best solution is to resort to medical help immediately.

4. Treatment medications for diarrhea
If you are suffering from diarrhea, the last what you need is to go to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to buy medicine. The causes of diarrhea including: viral, food poisoning, failure to afford the type of food, antibiotics. Make sure the availability of medicines for treatment of diarrhea in the pharmacy of your home such as Imodium, the Capitals lose all help control diarrhea. It is important to consult a doctor, some types of treatment medications for diarrhea should not be used in some cases.

5. Wound dressings basic injuries home
It is very common the occurrence of injuries within the house, so it is important to have some first aid tools to take care of around or clean the scratch immediately. Most expert surgeon advise using soap and water or a saline solution (salt concentration 0.9% in water) for cleaning wounds rather than the use of aqueous solutions sterile. Available plastic bottles of sterile containing water or saline solution in pharmacies. After cleaning the wound, cover it by using a screen of a medical sterile. You can use creams containing antibiotics only when they show signs of redness or filtration of fluids and see a doctor if he doesn’t start wound healing by several days. In the case of the wound sterile you should check with your doctor immediately as it may need stitches.

6. Cream inhibitors for
Depends skin of member sensitive in the body and does not function to protect the body from external effects which makes it more vulnerable to contact with chemicals, plants or other substances that lead to allergies and itching. For these reasons you should have soothing cream such as types that contain cortisone to give a calming feeling immediately and stops the itching that makes the skin rashes and allergies worse. Use a small amount of cream and you should visit a doctor if the rash is red color and bright, product or committed. If I get a rash, difficulty breathing, wheezing, sore throat after taking a new medication you should contact your doctor immediately it is possible to be that allergic symptoms are caused by drug intake which can cause in some cases may lead to death.

7. Anti-histamines for hay fever and insect bites
Even if you don’t get hay fever but that care should be taken in the event of any injury to another person (a visitor for example) so we recommend having a box of anti-histamines. Anti-anti-histamine which are taken orally also help in treating the effects of insect bites better than creams. If you are working or you’re out of the house for any reason, the use of antihistamines that do not cause drowsiness such as fexofenadine or loratadine. If you need to sleep you can eat the species that cause drowsiness such as diphenhydramine to help you sleep and reduce the itching or hay fever.



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