What raises sugar

ما الذي يرفع السكر

ما الذي يرفع السكر

Of course we’ve heard about diabetes and its attendant symptoms, perhaps you are wondering what to refuse the sugar? What does sugar insulin is? Through the following article, we will explore the reasons behind the increase of blood sugar and also how to prevent it.

What raises sugar?

Blood sugar levels change throughout the day, when you eat food, especially those that contain a high proportion of carbohydrates such as bread or potatoes or pasta, the sugar in your blood will begin immediately on the rise. If blood sugar is consistently high, then you need to talk to your doctor.

Cases where the blood sugar:

  • If you don’t eat a sufficient amount of insulin your own, or do not deal with diabetic medication or dose of your medication you need to press.
  • If you use insulin expired.
  • If you don’t follow your plan the food properly.
  • If you have a disease or infection or use of certain medications, such as steroids or you had an injury or surgery.
  • If you feel pressured emotional, such as problems at work or home or money problems.

What you refuse to sugar when you eat it?


Carbohydrates are the most common problem, if you are taking insulin, talk to your doctor about the proportion of the insulin adequate amount of what you eat than carbohydrates.


Fresh fruits are healthy, but they contain a type of sugar called fructose raises blood sugar. However, fruits fresh are the best choice of juice or jams.

Fatty foods:

Can cause fatty foods such as pizza in raising the percentage of sugar in the blood, because the carbohydrates in the dough and the sauce will raise the blood sugar immediately, but proteins, fats and won’t affect the sugars only after hours.

Juice and soft drinks and coffee sugar:

All these drinks affect the level of sugar in the blood, so don’t forget to count the carbohydrates in your drinks.


Alcohol raises blood sugar immediately, especially when mixed with juice or soda, but can cause low blood sugar several hours later.

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Some of the activities of the Treaty on the style of life that affect the height of the sugar

There are practices after that when you neglected to wonder what raises sugar if you care with diet? It is these practices:

Lack of physical activity and exercise regularly:

Physical activity helps daily insulin work more effectively, you should contact your doctor about adjusting the medication to fit the schedule of your exercise.

Use treatment of low blood sugar frequently:

Over-treating low blood sugar is very common, so talk to your doctor about what to do when blood sugar level drops or when the height of sugar in the blood, so you can avoid changes in the levels of glucose in the blood.

Prevention of high blood sugar

After you know what who refuses to sugar? We will explore methods of prevention of the occurrence of this rise, and these ways:

Work with specialist nutritionists to develop a plan of your meals:

Will help planning your meals to avoid the increase of sugar in the blood is not available, and you’ll start looking for healthy recipes and how to cook it at home, so provide your body a healthy environment for them.

Starting a weight loss program:

Weight loss will help your body use insulin better.

Learn how to calculate carbs:

Helps you count the carbs in tracking the number of carbohydrates they consume, and determine the maximum for each meal helps stabilize blood sugar, and research shows that not all carbs are equal, so you can download the program to count calories you have and carbs existing the existence of your.

Now that I knew the answer space is ” what refuses to sugar? ” And I got to know the main causes of foods causing raised blood sugar, if you have a query you can consult one of our doctors here.

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