What is the treatment of headache in natural ways without medications

The elements of the decision

What is the treatment for headaches? What causes headaches?, the A headache is a feeling of intense pain in the head, affects the focus and think about significantly, particularly if the headaches are chronic, and some resort to take painkillers to ease the pain, but sometimes I don’t find my painkillers to work, so we’ll get to know the best natural remedies for the treatment of head pain or headache through this article, thanks God.

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اعرف ما هي انواع الصداعI know what are the types of headaches

The best ways effective in the treatment of headaches

  • First you must prevent the causes of headaches and pain of the head.
  • You must eat nutritious meals integrated, especially breakfast.
  • Eat copious amounts of money so as not to dry the body.
  • That eating lots of water 2 liters a day, beside eating breakfast and regular meals are the solution preventive measure of the infection display the headache.
  • Massage your temples with oil of peppermint because the peppermint helps the blood flow, and gives a feeling of comfort and relieves stress and fatigue.
  • Or is pain resulting from headaches by using a piece of ice to massage your temples, or put the pieces in a cloth on the head because it will cool the lining of the brain that accuses a result of the occurrence of headache.
  • The best ways to treat headaches, use a tray with ice on your forehead, or cloth Snowman and press it on your forehead for a quarter of an hour and take rest for a quarter of an hour.Take a shower of cold water to relieve the pain.The use of it by hot water on the neck or the back of the head if you suffer from tension headache.Use a piece of warm cloth on the area that hurts, as a result of a sinus headache, or take a shower of warm water.Relieve the light of the windows, using curtains in the room that bring them because they cause headaches.Wearing sun glasses outdoors.

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Effective tips to prevent headaches

  • Monitors use anti-glare on the computer screen.
  • Avoid chewing gum because they cause pain in the head and jaw.
  • You should avoid eating foods that cause headaches such as crispy viscous, preferably eat small bites.
  • Ask your dentist about protective dental if you are suffering from pressure on your teeth when you are sleeping.
  • Eating foods that contain magnesium because it is a good remedy for the pain of the headache.
  • Intake of 600 mg of the citrate of magnesium a day reduces the severity of migraine headaches.
  • Drinking coffee or tea or food, caffeine helps in the treatment of headaches.
  • Intake of drinks that contain caffeine ahead of time will help in easing the pain of the headache, but you should not lot of them don’t even happen the opposite result.
  • The use of pain relievers safe such as paracetamol.
  • Drink a cup of ginger tea, taking a tablet from the can help relieve headache pain.
  • Contains fresh ginger on anti-oxidant and inflammation and useful substances that relieve headache pain and symptoms resulting from vomiting and nausea.

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الزنجبيل مشروب رائع في علاج الصداعGinger is a great project in the treatment of headaches

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The best treatment for pain severe headaches

  • Take a break and massage your neck and your head for ten minutes helps in relieving headache pain resulting from tension.
  • Yoga exercises and relaxation taking a warm shower, all this solutions help in getting rid of headache pain.
  • You can try this method by closing the right nostril and breathing from the left nostril for five minutes, or do the reverse, try this way and will not lose anything.

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أسباب الشعور بالصداعThe causes of headache

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