What is the treatment for potassium deficiency 2020

What is the relationship of potassium deficiency 2020 through the Arabic site health the body needs for numerous elements, vitamins and minerals and any imbalance in these elements even if by simple they may affect human health and cause him a lot of health problems, the most important of these elements “potassium” where the body needs potassium in a quantity of more than 100 milligrams daily .


A week potassium deficiency in the body

A lack of potassium in the body for many health problems, most notably the occurrence of cramps in muscles and nerves due to the doctors lack of potassium for several reasons, including:

  • The inability of the kidneys to work well.
  • Nausea and vomiting frequent.
  • The occurrence of diarrhea for a long time.
  • Drinking large amounts of alcohol.
  • Smoking heavily next to the choice of a particular type of tobacco.
  • The lack of certain elements found in the body such as folic acid.
  • Sweating excessively.
  • Rising levels of acids in the blood, especially ketones.
  • Taking certain medicines possible lead to potassium deficiency such as: antibiotics, asthma treatments, laxatives.

Symptoms of potassium deficiency and sodium

It is worth mentioning that the natural ratio of potassium in the body is 3.5 – 5.1 reflect mol/ L, while for sodium are 135 – 145 ML-EQ/ L, and it is considered to be deficient in these two elements, and may lead to many health problems, so you should know the symptoms of deficiency of both potassium and sodium such as:

Symptoms of potassium deficiency

  • The occurrence of spasm in the nerves and muscles.
  • Disorders irregular pulse rate and heartbeats.
  • Having problems and digestive disorders.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue permanent.
  • The inability of the lungs to contract and extraversion, leading to difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms of sodium deficiency

  • Weakness and muscle.
  • Loss of consciousness, fainting, and enter into a coma.
  • The feeling of the balloon in the body and the lack of any energy in the body.
  • The feeling of nausea and vomiting.
  • General weakness, fatigue and severe.
  • Feeling severe pain in the head.

Treatment of potassium deficiency herbal

Containing many of the natural herbs on a large proportion of potassium, helping patients lack of potassium to provide the body with the quantity it needs, and the most important:

  • Spinach: one cup of spinach contains about 800 milligrams of potassium, and can be eaten cooked or as a salad rich with a lot of vegetables.
  • Parsley: contains every 100 grams of parsley on 3.805 mg of potassium, and it can be eaten with a dish of salad.
  • Green coriander:each 100 grams of them to 4.466 mg of potassium, and it can be eaten as a garnish or juice.
  • Turmeric powder: you can have a warm cup of turmeric, even provide the body of potassium, at least about 2525 mg of potassium per 100 grams of body weight.
  • Nutrients naturally rich in potassium, sodium, and also: milk, nuts of various kinds, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and avocados.

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