What is the treatment for diabetes

ما هو علاج مرض السكر

ما هو علاج مرض السكر

Diabetes is the most common disease especially in the Arab countries, occurs through the presence of disturbances in the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas, must be cured so as not to cause many complications. To find out the answer to your question What is the treatment for diabetes continued reading the article.


Before knowing what is the cure for diabetes, you have to know what is diabetes first. Diabetes is a chronic disease that recently spread among all ages, it is a number of diseases that contain problems with the hormone insulin. In general, the pancreas releases insulin to help use sugar and fat from the food you eat. And diabetes occurs when the occurrence of any of the following:

  1. When the pancreas does not produce insulin.
  2. When the pancreas produces very little insulin.
  3. When the body doesn’t respond to insulin properly, this situation is called insulin resistance.

What is the treatment for diabetes

Requires the treatment of Diabetes Awareness, first pass, and to know what makes blood sugar levels rise or fall, and how to control these factors daily. There is no cure for diabetes rid of it completely, but manageable, due to the following objectives:

  1. Maintaining blood glucose levels close to normal as possible.
  2. Maintain levels of blood cholesterol andtriglycerides at normal levels.
  3. Control blood pressure, must not exceed a blood pressure of 140/90.
  4. Reduce or possibly prevent the development of health problems associated with diabetes, the occurrence of complications to the organs of the body.

There are a number of ways to find out what is the treatment for diabetes your:

  • Insulin and drugs

If you suffer from diabetes of the first type, you will need to use insulin therapy, whether by injection or using a pump.

If you suffer from Type II diabetes, you may have to use insulin or disks, such as metformin, is a medication the most common, but there are other types such as sulfonylureas can stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin.

  • Healthy food

Is eating a balanced diet is vital for people suffering from diabetes. If you have diabetes of the first type, the timing of the insulin dose determined by activity and diet, we must maintain a correct balance between sugar and insulin in the blood.

A healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet will help to keep blood glucose close to normal rates.

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  • Exercise

Another important element in the program of diabetes treatment is exercise. With any type of diabetes, improves exercise use your body to insulin, has lower blood sugar levels. To prevent low blood sugar to dangerously low levels, check your blood sugar.

And if you start feeling the symptoms of low blood sugar, stop exercising and eat a carbohydrate snack or drink.

For people who suffer from diabetes, can reduce exercise chances of a heart attack or stroke, and can improve blood circulation, ease the tension also.

Can people with diabetes of the second type who need to lose weight to benefit from exercise.

  • Alternative medicine

The use of alternative medicine such as plants and natural herbs that contain vitamins and minerals is vital, you can do in addition to medications, proper diet, and exercise, who may help control blood sugar and prevent complications of diabetes.

After we provide the answer to what is the treatment for diabetes, one should follow these methods mentioned, with the follow-up to your doctor to reduce the occurrence of any complications of diabetes which may affect all organs of the body, and he took great interest. And if you have another query you can consult a doctor from here.

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