What is the reason for delayed pregnancy

ما هو سبب تأخر الحمل

Delayed load of the things that concern a lot of women there are many reasons for delayed pregnancy the reasons may be the membership may be it doesn’t have to worry because of him. We will in this article on what is the cause of delayed pregnancy and many other things that related to this matter.

What is the reason for delayed pregnancy?

No need to worry in case of not passing more than a year, the lack of a campaign, when you delay pregnancy for more than a year with a lot of attempts, it is advised to go to the doctor for some tests. There are several common causes that can cause delayed pregnancy, including:

Work in progress

A key factor and essential for delayed or non-occurrence of pregnancy, with age less than the production of fertilized eggs which reduces the chance of pregnancy, unlike men, the sperm production may continue throughout life depending on the health of men.

Having problems in the uterus

The presence of fibroids in the uterus cause of non-occurrence or delayed pregnancy, as a problem in the lining of the uterus may lead to delayed pregnancy where proved some reports that over 50% of women who delayed their pregnancy have their problems in the lining of the uterus.

Damage or obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Any problem occurs in the fallopian tubes may lead to prevent pregnancy or delay until treatment of the problem, for example, and the fallopian tube may prevent the arrival of sperm of the fertilized egg, causing pregnancy.

I said a man’s sperm count

To complete the answer of the question What is the reason for delayed pregnancy we’ll talk about why this is happening by the men. 30% of the causes of non-pregnancy-related men, which indicates the occurrence of a problem in the sperm, it is possible to low numbers or lack of movement or the presence of abnormalities of sperm, all of the above leads to pregnancy does not occur, and that the presence of some pathological conditions linked to delayed pregnancy in men such as diabetes or excessive smoking, for example.

What does the psychological state of women delayed pregnancy?

Women know the pressures of life and stress also is one of the causes of delayed pregnancy in women, the change in non-occurrence of pregnancy and anxiety about it, especially after several attempts, these causes can affect the occurrence of pregnancy. So you must overcome this and to make things perfectly suitable for the occurrence of pregnancy no matter what stage of life you’ve lived.

Related topics

When to stop the doctor?

At the end of our article about what is the cause of delayed pregnancy should be mentioned when to stop the doctor. As we mentioned it does not need to worry in case of late pregnancy, but you should head to the doctor in case of continued it for over a year with a lot of attempts, the doctor will make some tests and examinations like:

  • Blood.
  • Detected with the ultrasound. indicate the presence of organic cause or not by detecting the fallopian tubes and assess the condition of the uterus.
  • Request a semen analysis for men.

In the case of a satisfactory condition prior information, we must for the doctor to do the treatments required and not to leave it without treatment so as not to worsen things.

At the end of the article we have answered the question What is the reason for delayed pregnancy by getting to know many of the causes and when you should head to the doctor, and with best wishes-time health and wellness.

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