What is the number of calories in oatmeal

Oatmeal is rich in features useful these are the reasons that should make you add it to your diet and rely on it in case you suffer from some chronic diseases and health problems of the own.

Oat is a plant belongs to the grain family. Be pills long and narrow, and the taste is sweet with some notes to the A little.

The cultivation of this grain since the Bronze Age and is widespread in northern Europe because they grow better in these products.

There’s oatmeal on the market in the form of flakes (that are excellent to perform on the breakfast), and accurately, or pills, although having trouble finding it in the grain.

From grain we get what is called oat flour, which is flour can be naturally used to determine the parameters anddesserts.

You may not know this, but oats toasted to enable us to replace the coffee.

ما هو عدد السعرات الحرارية في الشوفان

What is the amount of calories in oatmeal?

Recommended dietitians strongly eat oatmeal to benefit from its nutritional properties, even in relation to the portion that asks about him a lot, which is the amount of calories that are found in oatmeal, which should be taken daily:

100 grams of oats contain 389 calories. In every 100 grams of oatmeal, there’s also the equivalent of 17 grams of protein, and about 66 grams of carbohydrates and almost 7 grams of fat only.

The main characteristics of the life of

Oats are rich in characteristics that are the main characteristics that can be tapped only through the add it simply to our diet:

1. Gives you a feeling of satiety

Due to its high content of complex carbohydrates, also known as carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly.

This means that the effect of gratification much longer, in addition to help reduce appetite, think oatmeal is helpful in determine the levels of sugar in the blood (it’s actually one of the most recommended foods for diabetics).

2. Prevents and relieves constipation intestinal

This is due mainly to its high content of soluble fiber, therefore, the value pills suitable (and most importantly highly recommended) any of the persons who suffer from constipation, because it facilitates intestinal transit, provides improved, improves the functioning of the digestive tract in general.

3. Keep the levels of bad cholesterol low

Thanks to its content of amino acids essential (especially methionine), the oat grain very useful for people who suffer from the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood, it helps to lower cholesterol harmful or bad effects on the body in general.

In addition to all this, helps the fiber content and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats to reduce this type of cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol (HDL).

4. Prevents cancer and fights tumors

Oats contain a substance called Phyto estrogen, a substance very important because they help education reduce the probability of formation of cancerous tumors, and cancers associated with hormones, such as breast cancer, as she fights colon cancer effectively.

5. Helps to regenerate the cells and tissues of the body

Thanks to its high content of protein, helps the oatmeal to the development of production of new tissue in the body includes the head to divide and multiply.

6. Maintains cardiovascular health

Because oatmeal is rich in fiber, it helps reduce cholesterol effectively, which leads to a collage of positive effects on cardiovascular health.

The nutritional values in oats

Oatmeal is a of food is extremely important, because it is rich in many elements and materials all-important, such as in vitamins as vitamin B1, vitamin B2 andvitamin E. As to the amount of metal, for example, oatmeal is very rich in magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.

Oats also contain a lot of carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids (specifically, there is in the oat of about six to eight of the essential amino acids necessary for the body).

In addition, we can not forget the presence of beta-glucan in oats, which component absorbs cholesterol and bile acids in the intestine, which helps to eliminate it naturally.

What are the contraindications of eating oatmeal

Grains, including oats, is not a serious defect pocket awareness is not good: the challenges of genetic and hard of hybridization carried out by geneticists with the aim to improve the quality, the choices and other techniques used in agriculture during the recent years, have caused changes in the chemical structure of these grains to the degree that for us can turn these pills sometimes to food is difficult to metabolize digested and utilized as before.

Based on many clinical studies, and many of the specialists, argue that regular consumption of grains such as wheat, barley and oats can be responsible for many of the diseases that spread like dermatitis andrheumatoid arthritis andCrohn’s disease andceliac disease andmigraine headaches anddiabetes anddepression andschizophrenia.

Anyway, eating lots of oatmeal can cause bloating, abdominal and even intestinal obstruction disorders of the stomach and esophagus. As he of food given ingested by patients with digestive disorders (like other of other cereals).

As the calories from the oatmeal we eat every day?

Due to these previous considerations, the recommended daily dose of oats vary according to several factors, including sex, weight, age: for adult men and women should get about 400 to 600 calories per day, while male teenagers can get up to 1600 calories and 1200 calories for the greatness of adolescent girls.



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