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We will talk in this article about the Avanti medicament for the treatment of the pressure for men through the website of idea we’re having in the community east of the war to about the diseases the Welsh mission to the intake of anabolic steroid pills such as Viagra, but due to the cause of the disease and the symptoms of serious side back in the markets Avanti to treat cases of sexual weakness, with great effectiveness .

What is the mechanism of erection :

  • Many men suffer from problems in the marital relations cause these problems depression and treatment especially for men but it is wrong to surrender or committee means unhealthy which might cause great harm, so we must first have the cause of the pressure by going to a specialist .
  • You should know that in order to erection occurs occurs excitement that send signals to the brain to send large amounts of blood to tissue development in men this veins when filled with blood, the fabric spongy and occurs erection .
  • The erectile dysfunction occurs because of the pressure of the blood veins and thus the occurrence of nerve damage and erectile dysfunction .

What reasons of occurrence of sexual dysfunction :

Learn the causes of pressure the patient should be at the top of the IQ to go to the doctor determines what causes the problem it is for these reasons :

  • Age .
  • Taking medications of various drugs pressure and enlargement of the prostate .
  • As well as exposure to depression and nervous tension .
  • Also constantly smoking .
  • As well as eating a lot of alcoholic beverages containing caffeine heavily .

How is the relationship pressure :

  • Later the treatment at hand or to be on hand surgery and the use of drugs .
  • Treatment surgery needs were many and a large number of people where it needs to install a stent to clog intravenous infusion or help me to treat narrow arteries .
  • Either to have treatment with medicines, the chemical must contain these medicines have sildenafil (Viagra) or die (Sally’s photo) or vardenafil (Vita camera) but studies have proven that these drugs cause the risk of significant side effects of his multiple so I have been searching for alternatives .
  • With regard to to be medication naturally but due to the scarcity of these drugs in Arab countries because they come from plant extract rare given that natural have side effects do very little and these plants are important plant galangal which has the effect of very effective in inflating the organ development of the male and helps in occurrence of an erection .

Treatment Avanti :

  • Is a drink is taken the period before the affair of the hour .
  • This natural medicine appeared recently in the Arab countries where it is used since 2018 M for the treatment of sexual weakness and was able to succeed in the treatment of cases in Egypt many number of cases that 5327 people .
  • Features Avanti on other medications that don’t cause damage as it is distinguished from the drug that makes you have the consciousness and does not cause any harm to your partner .

The components of the Avanti :

  • Sorties palm : helps to increase the amount of sperm and double the proportion of husband semen .
  • Magnesium : treats anxiety and psychological stress and depression as well as premature ejaculation .
  • Wheat germ oil : strengthens the muscles and protects from bacteria and microbes that may occur during the relationship .
  • Pollen : working on a life of its rejuvenate and treat aging .
  • Royal jelly : helps on the technical adaptation and development .
  • Gum wax, which works to improve the efficiency of the sex hormones J men adjust their .
  • Leaf galangal : this rare plant helps very effectively on the inflated member .

The site is not responsible for taking the medication without consulting your doctor if you have any questions about the medication Avanti we use your comments below the article through the site of the idea .

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