What is the loss of memory to me?

Memory loss is a nominal loss of the person to adaptation, and problems in the definition of things by their right names, whether in writing or speaking, and may be the cause of memory loss by stroke, or trauma of the brain.

And various other names, such as: loss of the ability of atomic, anemia, memory loss, confinement of atomic.

Months causes you to lose memory

  • May cause some factors or injuries to the case of memory loss the name of it: exposure to injury, stroke, swelling of the brain, a stroke, a disease known to breed nervous.
  • Some persons memory loss the My feel in words and it can speak and broadcast them towards the sound perfectly, but the problem will be with nouns and verbs.
  • Believe memory loss to more types of cases of memory loss moderate, it is caused by damage in the left side of the brain, rarely in the right.
  • Known to the left for right-handers, is responsible for the pronunciation of words and language, but for those who use their left hand to be the responsible part for the dog is right.
  • Many of the cases lost the ability to adaptation accompanied by a loss of pronunciation of words also.

فقدان الذاكرة

Types of lost the ability to speak

Not limited cases of aphasia amnesia nominal only, but include other types such as:

  • Aphasia Wernicke’s or Broca’s aphasia, and because of damage to certain parts of the brain which is responsible for the dog, but differ from the confinement of gold is know in the gas focal any should not be a permanent occurrence because of damage to specific brain.

The main reasons behind the memory loss the nominal

Know brain injury

The person may experience injury of the brain powerful impact on the ability of gold and great damage, and the damage may be greater if the injury is in the part of the left brain, and it may be the cause of injury is falling or injury as a result of a particular sport or the auto collision as well as the credits.


Think of more reasons behind loss of memory to me, talk as a result of the Prevention of a blood vessel in the brain do not use tissue to obtain the amount of oxygen is sufficient, may cause permanent damage to the brain in the area close to the stroke.

The case of adaptation of the nervous

Diseases of adaptation of the nervous system: Alzheimer’s, anemia in early cases, fear.

The cause of these diseases it has the ability to access the dictionary of words existing in the brain, then the person’s capacity to adapt.

Swelling in the brain

You might say a brain tumor the symptoms of many different ones inability to adapt, and in the case of stronger symptoms may be severe with increased tumor growth pressuring the contract.

The serious consequences of memory loss nominal

There are certain symptoms and may increase the occurrence of stroke which in turn increases the chances of memory loss is nominal because it is more the symptoms that led to the study of atomic.

  • Of these symptoms high blood pressure, high percentage of body fat, risk of diabetes, heart disease, a prior history of the family with strokes, smoking, sex, because the proportion of male is higher than female in injury, increased body weight, increased drinking of alcohol.
  • Don’t say stress to lost gold directly, but frequent exposure to stress may lead you for the stroke, the show lost the ability to clearly predict when exposure to the situation of tension.
  • People with autism can’t talk properly, but not because of the loss of the ability but because of other symptoms related to autism.
  • May says Alzheimer’s the owner of another kind of lost the ability to speak and he lost the ability to progress to primary progressive, and on the breakdown of the tissues of the brain responsible for speech he in turn lost the ability to adapt gradually.

The semantics of memory loss nominal

Persons afflicted with this case of amnesia is the inability to remember nouns, pronouns, verbs, whether in writing or speaking, he knows the function of the object in front of him but he can’t remember his name.

Have been unable to figure out the right words and recognize objects in front of them but lose the ability to speak out, they may feel the presence of the word on the tip of the tongue and they know that’s the right word but can’t be sure of your health, don’t apply it.

And even if the pronunciation of the correct word cannot know what, if the pronunciation of the word dish like won’t be able to know and choose.

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فقدان الذاكرة

Do test memory loss nominal

If there is no doubt that you had this condition the doctor says exposing you to some of the tests verbal brain to get rid of any disorders of stroke or aphasia

Has your doctor prescribes some hearing tests so to exclude any problems related to hearing.

And tests imaging test using magnetic resonance imaging to look for any area of the brain is prone to, but can’t be relied upon alone in the diagnosis due to the non constancy of the damaged portion in the brain.

And tests verbal to identify the type of problem if the language has lead some cases the loss of the ability to speak.

Treatment of memory loss

Custody of gold less types of confinement the harm, and healing them by the reasons which led to the loss of memory and the need the brain, it may be damage is permanent. a person cannot be based on his ability verbal is complete.

And the World Health Organization upon the arrival of the cities lost the ability to adapt for more than three months after exposure to the condition of the strokes may not be cured completely, but may limit improvement in the situation after the passage of the years.

It is possible to return a persons the loss of the ability to adapt to their work and normal lives, if the symptoms are simple, the work does not depend on the Verbal Ability a lot.

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