What is the juice control

ما هو العصير المناسب لمرضى السكري

ما هو العصير المناسب لمرضى السكري

If you are a diabetic and want to know what is the juice appropriate for diabetic patients? This is if your rightful place. One of the common questions always in the mind of the diabetic patients, what can I drink and allowed me to eat, so I don’t get complications of diabetes? Let’s discuss together in this article.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes or diabetes is increased sugar glucose in the blood from its natural level, as a result of lack of insulin or resistance of cells to insulin and prevent it from entering the glucose, leading to high blood sugar, which then leads to other complications.

Fruit juice is suitable for diabetics

In addition to that fruit juice contains vitamin C and calcium, it contains a large amount of calories, in addition to the sugar fructose which serves to increase the rate of sugar in the blood (here lies its danger for diabetics), a little bit of natural fiber.

The juice of the fruit sugar fructose

Pass fructose on the liver first to be analyzed, and therefore any increase in its quantity, leading to malfunction of the liver, accumulation of fat on the liver. Hence we can deduce the most important answer to the question What is juice appropriate for diabetic patients? Is the juice that does not contain any kind of sugar.

If what is the juice appropriate for diabetic patients?

Vegetable juice is one of the best choices for diabetics, because it contains a small amount of sugar and carbohydrates, in addition to natural fibers, which play a major role in maintaining blood sugar.

Pomegranate juice

Although the pomegranate is of fruits that contain sugars, but it does not raise sugar in blood, and also contains antioxidants.


Drinking water is harmless, never, it is a natural element of the body elements, and can be mashed lemon slices and cucumber with water and drink this mixture.

Green juice

You can make juice from vegetables, by bringing a number of green leafy vegetables and mixing them with the option to like and black berries with juice to add flavor, I will not refuse this mixture of sugar in your blood.

The juice of bitter melon

Turns out that this juice works to decrease the amount of sugar contained in blood, and it tastes very bitter, but you can add cucumber or lemon slices to it to modify the taste.

ما هو العصير المناسب لمرضى السكري

What is the juice is appropriate for diabetics which is no longer home?

Orange juice

Avoid orange juice on because it contains added sugar, it is better to get the orange juice resulting from the squeezing oranges at home without adding For.

Juice tomato

With regard to people with diabetes in most of the time the body of blood, but tomato juice works to reduce the incidence of blood clots, and be sure not to add sugar to tomato juice.

Dangerous drinking fruit juices for diabetics

It turns out from research that drinking sugary juices for diabetics three times a week, working to increase the proportion of sugar in the blood and exposure to the complications of diabetes significantly, as to eat fruit better than drinking its juice, to get the greatest amount of natural fiber, which improve digestion, regulate the bowels and prevent constipation, it is suitable for diabetics for blood sugar.

A test for this article to answer the direct question What is syrup. control of? Well, your answer is the juice of vegetables, preferably eat fruit as it is to keep the sugar existing in the blood.

Andin the end, we wish health and strength for patients with diabetes, and if you have to consult a you want to provide to our physicians specialists you can submit it here.

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