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Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that afflict human life with the effect on the body’s ability to use energy found in food. Where he does a lot of complications that may infect the patient when negligent treatment and failure to follow the system healthy. So you can find out what is the food for diabetic patients through the follow-up to this article.


Lies diabetes in how your body converts food into energy to benefit. When you eat carbohydrates, turns your body into sugar called glucose and sends it into the bloodstream. And the pancreas to secrete insulin, is a hormone that helps move glucose from the blood into the cells, and use it in energy.

When you have diabetes and do not receive remedy, your body doesn’t use insulin as it should. It seems a lot of glucose in your blood, a condition called usually high blood sugar. This can cause health problems may be serious or even life-threatening.

What is the food for diabetes?

Diabetics should follow a proper diet because it is an essential key to reduce the severity of its complications. Diabetes is a number of diseases that involve problems with the hormone insulin.

In general, the call of the pancreas insulin is to assist in the storage body and the use of sugar and fat from the food. There are foods permitted and there are foods for diabetics to avoid them.

Foods recommended for diabetics

Is food useful should diabetics eat to determine the functionality of the pancreas and facilitates the absorption of in the body, include:

  • Fatty fish; it is one of the healthiest foods recommended, as salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, mackerel of the main sources of acids omega 3 fatty. And DHA and EPA that have significant benefits on the health of the heart, where it protects the DHA and EPA of the cells that are the blood vessels, and reduce the signs of inflammation and the way it operates of the arteries after eating.
  • Vegetables; they are extremely nutritious and low in calories. It’s also very low in carbohydrates midwife to digest, which raise blood sugar levels like spinach, kale and others. A good sources of many vitamins andminerals, including vitamin C.
  • Cinnamon; it is one of The communicate effective antioxidant, andthat can lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Home; where he’s one of the best foods that reduce inflammation andimproves insulin sensitivity, andincreases cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Turmeric; it may reduce the levels of inflammation and blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for diabetics.
  • Yogurt; and where it works to improve blood sugar levels.
  • Olive oil; which improves the level of unhealthy fats in diabetics.
  • Garlic; it has many benefits: it reduces inflammation and improves the level of sugar in the blood.
  • Apple cider vinegar; it works to improve insulin sensitivity.

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Food should be avoided in patients with diabetes

Are foods harmful to diabetes patients because it works to increase the level of sugar in the blood, and includes:

  • Canned fruits.
  • Materials such as jam.
  • Soft drinks.
  • Saturated fats that come from animal products, in addition to coconut oil and palm oil. You should also follow-up the standing with your doctor.

All what explained above is to avoid the complications of diabetes which include heart disease andclogged arteries, poor system kidney disease and other complications that affect all organs of the body have diabetes.

After our presentation to answer what is the food for diabetics. Hope you follow this system health with consult a doctor to call better health. If you have further questions you can consult a doctor from here.

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