What is the fob sector and their symptoms and causes and how you can treat it and deal with it?

All regards to the fob sector

You might like the train has been repeated, but it also can constitute a source of fear and anxiety and horror for some people, yes! It’s the fob sector which can be overcome

Cat… you can love her and find her cute or hate her, but that’s not all, that can small objects be a source of great fear and anxiety and horror for some people, this is not overrated but it is the case the same real form is a big problem for those who suffer from them… it’s fob train

What if there was a cat near you on after a few meters, how they will behave do you play with them and manipulate their fur a little bit, or you’re having a circus without to mind him, or do you suffer from phobia and the sector will feel very ashamed and cover your way in full and fast, until you stop to hear more of?

What is the phobia of cats?

ما هي فوبيا القطط ؟

Fob sector’s state of fear, panic, anxiety, which you get once you see a cat or coincidence or just the result of to see the pictures of her and sometimes you get this response because thinking in the sector.

Know the fob sector by many names, namely: phobia of cats – an intense fear of cats – elurophobia you fob – gatophobia Gato fob – felinophobia Fellini fob – ball, the involuntary sector.

In case you have an accident with a cat, like a muscle, scratching, or in the case I saw a person learns so it can generate feelings of hatred for cats or eliminates the idea that they are pets cute, or could be simply from people who don’t like cats and have no problems good direction, whatever the case you stay within the fear and anxiety on border natural and reasonable.

As for the people who suffer from phobia and train it for them beyond a state of fear is natural and to a degree anxiety and panic amounts, which in the most often accompanied by a range of different symptoms between psychological, physical and behavioral.

You can pay them their fear of the train to avoid going out of the house for fear of a coincidence, a cat, or change their way or stop and wait if already they saw the cat, or stop to visit a friend or a family member who guide their cotton and other things that have a negative impact highly on a person’s life, and this is what makes dealing with this phobia is extremely important.

Who are the most suffering from a phobia of cats?

من هم الأكثر معاناة

Each person can be vulnerable to over train but that the feelings of fear that develop in childhood, most often, as the proportion of the suffering of which vary from person to person due to a number of factors, in particular genetic factors and childhood experiences and the surrounding environment, either about the details of women are as follows:

  • The probability of exposure per sector for females is 66% while for males is only 34%.
  • As women age they are:
    • 45% of people under the age of 18 years.
    • 44% between the ages of 18 to 34 years old.
    • 6% for people between the ages of 35 – 49 years.
    • 3% for people between 50 – 64 years.
    • 2% of persons over the age of 65 years.

Symptoms of FOB train


Symptoms vary fob the sector from person to person but most of them are classified under 3 sections of the symptoms are: mental – physical – behavioral, these symptoms can confront the person as soon as a coincidence, a cat or just as a result of thinking about it en share a photo or a video of him.

Psychological symptoms

Choose the person suffering from a phobia train many of the psychological symptoms which vary in intensity from person to person and from condition to time, the most important of these symptoms are:

  • Fear, panic, and panic when in a place where there is a cat or many cats, or when thinking about the train or share photos or videos about her.
  • Fear and anxiety when you walk in a new way or when in a new place with the prospect of facing the sector there.
  • Thinking continuously find ways by which you can avoid the coincidence of a cat.
  • Fear of the sound of the Meow train or hissing and other sounds similar sector.
  • Thinking that your fear of this is irrational and unjustified and this is what increases the tension and causes more anxiety and embarrassment.
  • Feeling disgusted by sector or feelings similar to the feelings that tell a person when looking at the snakes or the rats.

Physical symptoms

Of the most important symptoms that appear on a person during a bout of fear of cats is the physical symptoms which can take a more risk in some cases, these symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath, inability to inhale air in a natural way.
  • Pain and tightness in the chest.
  • The high rate of anxiety.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Severe sweating.
  • Loss of focus and the ability to think in a conscious way.
  • Dizziness and loss of balance.
  • Nausea sometimes accompanied with vomiting.
  • Shivering or feeling cold.
  • Problems in the digestive tract.
  • In severe cases can happen fainting absence from consciousness.

Behavioral symptoms

Affect fob train on a person’s behavior not only during a fit of fear during the last screenshot, the most important of these symptoms:

  • Avoid being in areas and needs facing the Cats in.
  • Avoid dealing and talking to the people of the people or classmates or friends who love cats or talking about.
  • Can watch the cat that pushes you to change your destination or return back.
  • Your inability to skip a cat on the side of the road and to her side.
  • The need to accompany someone when you are abroad, in places you can come across a sector.

When you visit the doctor?

متى عليك زيارة الطبيب؟

Fob cats like all types of phobias can be dealt with their symptoms in the case were light as can be treated but in some cases that affect the symptoms on a person’s life negatively and severe when it is necessary to get the consult a doctor for proper treatment to the side of the road, which can not alleviate the symptoms.

Reasons fob the train


Even people who suffer from extreme fear, the direction of the train often could not be them to determine the cause of this fear of them, often referred to this feeling as being like the feeling that accompanies exposure to a snake or rats.

As to phobias in general is considered a defense mechanism, preventive created by the mind of God conscious to protect the person from danger that could threaten him in a certain position or situation, and in fact the reason behind the fob sector remains unclear to a certain extent but there are many things that can pave the way for this phobia, the most important are:

  • Exposure to a traumatic event during childhood increased the train (even if not remembered by the patient) such as being bitten or scratched by a cat, especially as the children don’t know the correct way that betrays according to her campaign sector and therefore are exposed to attack of them more than others when they play with it and removes it by mistake.
  • Can cause the traumatic event fob for the older persons especially in the case of was more ruthless.
  • Witnesses to know someone for before the cat, like a muscle or scratching, and even reverse any problems of someone damage and harm to the sector.
  • The development of feelings of fear when viewed by other people when the parents are afraid of cats or when the hero of the film or serial is afraid the train…
  • The cultivation of this fear I have of children by parents and through education, the provision of warnings of approaching them and exaggerate to scare the child.
  • The myths and beliefs that revolve around the sector which can be a source of fear and anxiety.
  • Environmental and social factors different to the surrounding network.
  • Genetic factors play a significant role in the formation of personal and usability for the need of fear and direction of the different positions.
  • The sensitivity of the sector provided the customers which can pay a person to move away and avoid exposure to it can turn it into a state of phobia.
  • The fear of diseases that can be transmitted by the cat, or the fear of germs and microbes that carry them.

Cure fob the train

علاج فوبيا القطط

Fob sector is only the fob or phobia like other types of phobias, which can be treated and dealt with mitigation, the number of roads so get rid of them once and for all, as for these methods are:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy CBT and re-shaping patterns of thinking which focus on creating experiences more current secure so you remove the events and memories of the former That was behind the phobia.
  • Rely on meditation and relaxation techniques which are most effective in dealing with the symptoms and mitigation of particularly the physical and psychological symptoms.
  • Treatment to expose the existence of which aims to break the barrier that leads to such a state of panic and panic extreme, and it gradually in the beginning, is to share photos and videos of the cats and then the exposure is not directly in the conditions of the safe and suitable.
  • Hypnosis to gain access to the thoughts and memories responsible for phobias and response and to correct them before the subconscious mind (reprogramming thoughts unconscious).
  • NLP which have a clear impact on behavior and are considered very effective in the treatment of phobias, you need to repeat the word or writing or listening to positive statements concerning the sector, such as: “I am now very happy because I love cats and I feel safe near them” – “now I feel proud because I control my feelings when I see a cat” …
  • Cure fob the sector of drugs is recommended by a physician and is divided into two parts the first the treatment of allergies to cats in case of its existence, the second is dealing with the symptoms such as sedative medications.
  • Correcting misconceptions about the sector and get rid of the ideas and myths that have no basis which are considered an essential part of this fear, and from the world of the train by reading books about them or recognize them from up close.

These objects that look very nice for some, or just pets for some others there are people who constitute them a source of intense fear and panic panic they suffer from phobia of train or phobia of cats, unfortunately, these pets are everywhere and can even be found in your best friend’s house or one of your family members.

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