What is the diet fasting reverse


What is the diet fasting reverse , fasting has many benefits in Lose Weight Naturally and safe and improve digestion, however, after the end of the month of Ramadan the Muslims from fasting, but they can follow the crafting system, which is another fast reverse, meaning that the Muslims portrayed in the end times only and at night, fasting the reverse is the breakfast in the daytime and in the night after Maghrib prayer, fasting the reverse has many benefits will remind them of you, as followers of this fasting should be with the followers tips that will remind them of you.

Diet fasting after Maghrib

Is this called fasting the name of the eating disorderly situation, and has talked to the nutritionist-engineered Inas the difference is that fasting must be done as follows.

  • Maintenance 12 hours B 12 hours.
  • Maintenance 14 hour of the day breakfast 10 hours only.
  • Maintenance 16 hours complete BS and 8 hours only, according to the daily regime individuals.
  • This system helps to burn fat and lose weight, as it increases the Resistance people insulin.

Experiences of fasting the night



After that we mentioned the number of hours and the manner of fasting, what is allowed and prohibited in times of fasting.

  • Limit the time of fasting to drink water in its natural or in other images such as coffee and tea.
  • Not allowed to add sugar to drinks, the time of fasting.
  • Don’t eat anything that contains calories.
  • Can be fasting in the daytime or at night proportion with the time of fasting is important to not increase the number of hours of fasting for 16 hours.

Tips diet fasting reverse

  • Eat all you want reduce the amount of food you eat, and you can do this by chewing the food in a long time.
  • In the period of fasting you can drink ginger, cinnamon, green tea and drinks that increase fat burning.
  • Stay away from white sugar for breakfast.
  • Stay away from eating sweets or foods that contain calories high breakfast time.
  • Get System a balanced diet of vegetables, meat and fruit.

Diet fasting every other day km

That you apply this system properly in terms of the number of hours and reduce the amount of food you will lose of every day half a kilo at the rate of 15 to 16 kilos in the first month, then it will lose nearly 7 kilos in the second month, you can make this system lifestyle, meaning that you stop eating every day after Maghrib or after eight o’clock at night.

We have provided you please the fast reverse and lose 15 kilos in a month, and if you have suggestions or other questions use the comments below the article through the content site.

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