What is the correct way to wear a gag and its disposal to avoid Corona?

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Doctor, please explain, what is the correct way to wear a gag and its disposal to avoid Corona? Graciously for your efforts.

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Thank you for this important question .. indeed must be the war all war during the use of the gag , because any use of wrong may be the reason in the transmission of MERS-CoV infection SGRF-19 here.
And the correct way effective to wear the mask be as follows:
Clean hands thoroughly with running water and soap or rub them with a disinfectant alcohol before touching the gag.
Check the sleeve fully to make sure they are not torn or any holes
Select the the top of the sleeve (to be the subject of the metal strip)
Select the outer side of the sleeve properly, usually the colored side
Put Quantum on your face and press on the metal strip or road reinforced muzzle to take the shape of your nose.
Drag the bottom of the sleeve to cover your nose and your chin well

Or the correct way to disarm her be as follows:
After you use the muzzle you should take it properly .. first the disarmament of the rubber band to create the ears and stay out of touch introduction to quantum and not to touch the sleeve of your face or your clothes or your hands during the disarmament, it needs to be contaminated.
Then get rid of it instantly and put one of the plastic bags and tie it before throwing it in the dumpster to ensure that one does not touch them
Clean your hands well afterwards with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds or I sterilized them and rub them with a disinfectant alcohol.

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