What is the chromosomal analysis of the fetus

ما هو تحليل الكروموسومات للجنين

ما هو تحليل الكروموسومات للجنين

It is important to follow the health of the fetus and follow the stages of growth different, and there are many tests that are performed to ensure a healthy development of the fetus throughout the pregnancy months, and this tests tests the chromosomes of the fetus, we will give you in this article answers on what is the chromosomal analysis of the fetus ‘s? And how is performed this test? And what is its importance in ensuring the health of the fetus? So follow with us reading this article.

What is the chromosomal analysis of the fetus?

This test looks for changes or abnormalities in the chromosomes that constitute the DNA of the body. The chromosomes are found in the inner part of the cells in the cell nucleus, and chromosomes all the genes that are passed to the fetus.

,Usually each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes in each cell (23 pairs = 46 chromosomes), holds one of the couple’s chromosomes, called X and Y, which determine whether the fetus is male or female (the sex chromosomes), if the fetus is male, he has a wife XY, if female, have your husband XX, allows couples of the 22 other autosomes or chromosomes, physical.

Can come cells analysis of chromosomes of the liquid that surrounds the baby inside the mother’s womb ( amniotic fluid).

How is the procedure of this test?

Is sent to cells to determine the chromosome to the laboratory where they are prepared in a way that allows to arrange chromosomes from largest to smallest, by looking at the chromosomes under a microscope and capture images, which allow profiling of the kernel, can be a specialist lab knowledge of the existence of numbers of abnormal or pieces missing or additional chromosomes in the fetal cells.

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The importance of chromosomal analysis for the fetus

  • Helps abnormality in the chromosomes for the diagnosis of many medical conditions, in some cases, can help the chromosomes of a doctor to predict health issues even before the onset of symptoms, can predict the study of chromosomes is carried out on the fetus inside the mother’s womb to the problems that may child is born or grows, such as the prediction of Darwin.
  • The test depends on the discovery of chromosomes, so you can use the test to determine the sex of the fetus, but not essential, and has some local control.

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What is the chromosomal analysis of the fetus? And the importance of chromosomal analysis for the parents?

May require any person to this test, besides the importance of chromosomal analysis for the fetus in the prediction of disease related to chromosomes, it can be used test in the diagnosis of the disease to discover whether you have the genes has been passed down to your children? Here are some of the reasons for this test:

  • Assistance in the diagnosis or planning the treatment of a particular disease.
  • Find out your risk of a disease may be inherited.
  • Find out if you carry the gene may pass the disease to your children.
  • Find out whether your fetus may suffer from a genetic problem.
  • The diagnosis of a genetic problem I have a newborn.
  • Find out the cause of a problem in pregnancy.
  • Knowing the cause of the miscarriage, or the loss of a child before birth.

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What other tests necessary with this test?

The doctor may also ask other types of genetic tests that are looking for certain genes within your chromosomes, for example, you may have a test called (FISH), which looking at certain parts of your chromosomes, you may also have a blood test to look for proteins non-natural that may be a sign that some genes do not work in the right way.

What do you mean test results?

You may choose the results of the test according to your age, gender and your health history and the way used in the test and other things.

And reporting on the chromosomes of natural as follows:

  • 44 chromosomal genes in addition to the chromosome X of a female (karyotype 46, XX)
  • 44 molecule gene plus chromosome X is one and Y males (karyotype 46, XY)

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At the end of the article and then find out what is the chromosomal analysis of the fetus ‘s? And the importance of conducting this test? You should resort to the doctor to discuss the risks of conducting this test, and what is the appropriate way for you to follow the growth of your child?

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