What is the best time to conceive

ما هو أنسب وقت لحدوث الحمل

ما هو أنسب وقت لحدوث الحمل

You may seek many women to conceive, but do not know the appropriate time that occurs in pregnancy, do not know the time of ovulation and time of fertility, so she asks many women what is the best time to conceive is? This is what we will answer in this article, we will also be initial symptoms of pregnancy.

What is pregnancy?

Is pregnancy the fetus inside the woman’s body in the womb, reference can be made to this case by positive results in the urine test that you apply to women without a prescription, confirmed by a blood test or ultrasound or detection of a heartbeat of the fetus or X-ray, pregnancy lasts for approximately nine months from the date of the last menstrual period of women, the period of pregnancy is divided into three sections the first trimester andsecond trimester andthe third trimester, the total length of each third three months.

Determine the possible basic cells of the fetus during the first trimester of pregnancy, so any damage that occurs to the fetus during this period is likely to result in miscarriage or serious disability, there is little or no chance for the survival of the fetus in the first trimester outside of the womb, as pregnancy progresses, you may the mother suffers from many physical and emotional changes, like mood swings and weight gain.

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What is the most suitable time for pregnancy?

ما هو أنسب وقت لحدوث الحمل

ما هو أنسب وقت لحدوث الحمل

Do the observation of the menstrual cycle you have changes in your body during this period, it can help you to find out when likely to get pregnant, the duration of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, but can vary natural cycles of 21 to 35 days, the rate varies time before the occurrence of ovulation in every woman, may vary the time of ovulation from month to month upon the same woman, and varies from 13 to 20 days, this part of the state is important because when the process of ovulation that conception can occur in this period.

After ovulation you will get every woman, unless she has a health problem affect the menstrual cycle or is she pregnant, menstrual cycle after 14 to 16 days, will help you figure out what time you want to be more specific in the planning to get pregnant or prevent it, there are 3 ways through which you can track The Times of fertility.

  • Tracking your body temperature.
  • Calculation method on a calendar.
  • Way of ovulation (the way to note of cervical mucus).

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Symptoms of pregnancy

Now that we know what is the most suitable time for pregnancy? We’ll the symptoms of pregnancy, may include the most common early symptoms of pregnancy include the following:

The absence of a menstrual cycle

If you wait for the occurrence of pregnancy and passed a week or more without the beginning of the expected menstrual, you may be pregnant.

Nausea pregnancy

Often begins with morning sickness, which can happen at any time of the day or night, after one month of pregnancy, however some women may feel nauseous earlier and some women don’t suffer from it never.

Enlarged breasts

In early pregnancy, may cause hormonal changes in the enlarged breasts and the softness of them.

Increased urination

You may find yourself pee more than usual, due to the increased amount of blood in the body during pregnancy, which causes the kidneys treatment the excess fluid that increase urination.

Feeling unwell

You may be exhaustion is also early symptoms of pregnancy, rising levels of progesterone , which may make you feel sleepy.

In the end, dear readers, after that we know the answer to your question is what is the best time to conceive is? And we knew what are the early symptoms of pregnancy? We recommend that you know how to deal with pregnancy well, in order to get a healthy pregnancy and healthy.

Calculator ovulation

Just enter the date of the first day of your last period as day to you, and you will get the result in days of high fertility you have the next month..
The first day of the last menstrual cycle to you is:

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