What is the best honey in the world? Choose from what suits you

In this article we have selected for you types of honey as the best honey in the world, with choose these types by the type of nectar made of it and this is what distinguishes each kind of honey-colored notes and aroma distinct from the rest of the species in addition to the different ratio of ingredients needed by each type separately.

What is the best honey in the world?

When you go to buy honey will be the types and varieties of multiple markets will make you fall in doubt about the best honey in the world contains all the elements and components useful for the treatment of problems and diseases that may affect different parts of the body, and of his rival and protect it from diseases.

So we present in this article the arrangement of the types of honey according to the best type of honey in the world with the benefits and features of each type and the uses to which it can be used by:

The method of making honey highlighted its components

Honey is a foodstuff and therapeutic at once, which is a material very nourishing and useful as it contains various nutrients of minerals (potassium, the calcium, etc.) and vitamins (vitamin B6 and vitamin B9 …. Etc.) as well as sugar and carbohydrates.

The honey production when the bees are female workers collect the nectar of flowers and then digest it partially, and store it in the eye of six after you cover it with wax.

Has shown photos and old manuscripts that Honey back to the stone age where he feeds them human in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and is used to treat many diseases in addition to its use in the processes of embalming and cosmetology.

The best honey in the world

Learn the types of honey existing in the different countries of the world depending on the type of nectar made of them, so they promote every kind of honey color, aroma and intensity of the Notes outstanding, in addition to the different ratio of the components of the honey the chairperson in each type, as different types of honey in terms of interest which gives it its when you eat it.:

Honey New Zealand

Honey is New Zealand is the best honey in the world at all due to being free of diseases where the bees feed source not on natural materials, as to the nature of the New Zealand environment clean and abundant flowers in which increase the quality of the honey source.

The honey of Hymettus Greek

This type of honey is quite old as it is produced in the south-east of Athens, and is characterized by the transfer of his call and is free of chemicals because the places that it is produced by clean, making it one of the finest honey and the most useful.


Features honey as a mono color because it is made from the nectar of blossoms tree Sidra located in the heights of the mountains and Hadramout in Yemen where it is collected during a short period of time, a period of open flowers tree Sidra and for once in the year so it is one of the most expensive species in the world with nearly its price is about $ 180, which is very old as to about 700 years.

And the color of the honey is dark brown and tastes pungent and smells beautiful, fondness for chains Sidra great fame in the Middle East due to its medicinal a lot in the treatment of skin problems , liver and stomach and treating constipation , chronic anti-aging.

Fondness for chains, Sidra a lot of great benefits thanks to its contents and its useful, where used honey to assess and improve the body’s immune system and Prevention of cancer.

Fondness for chains, Sidra property in the treatment of some eye diseases infectious.

Honey antimicrobial, especially when used topically to heal skin or wounds, treats fungal infections, it can be used in the treatment of tissue inflammation resulting from the virus infection such as milk.

Another advantage is also that it is very useful for it helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and its effectiveness when it is added to lemon or carrot seed oil or olive oil, as it has a significant role in the revitalization of sex in men treatment of infertility.

Consists of honey from:

Maltose, glucose and fructose with an ample range of the sugars of the chains short.

Honey Sidr features for any type of honey because it is rich in the amino acid ascorbic acid, also contains anti-oxidants as compared with natural honey

Prefer not to eat this honey before the date of surgery so as not to cause bleeding.

Recommended for children starting from the first year to focus his rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

Honey alley, the

Honey alley, the end of the wort forklift semi-desert live in South Africa and the Maghreb and in the Mediterranean region and promote the benefits of medical and therapeutic.

Its yellow color and when left for a while becomes its black color and tart taste gives a feeling of heat in the throat when tasting it.

This honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, it also features its benefits in the treatment of infections is as vital , effective, and addresses problems of the skin, strengthens the body’s immunity in the face of colds, flu, asthma, and protects the heart and reduces the harmful cholesterol, it also helps in the treatment of indigestion , inflammation of intestine and cure constipation strengthens the gums and reduces the incidence of cancer.

Manuka honey

Features manuka honey free of chemicals where the bees manufactured far away in the Bush, and is characterized by its properties beneficial to the body which makes it among the best types of honey in the world.

What makes manuka honey different is its nutritional value amazing abilities excellent food in strengthening the immune system , consists of a group of vitamins, especially Group B, and minerals like calcium, copper, iron , magnesium, potassium , zinc, and amino acids.

One of the best types of manuka honey: some varieties of honey New Zealand UMF which makes the bees pollinate trees, Manuka rich particularly peroxides of hydrogen and methyl glyoxal and Dale hydroxy acetone.

What distinguishes manuka honey is that it contains hydrogen peroxide natural characteristics, the natural antibacterial properties which increases its effectiveness and that it can destroy its properties easily by heat, light and enzymes in the body.

To get the best manuka honey it is important to think of a reason to use it:

If you are planning to use the anti-bacterial properties of the health of the digestive system or mix it in skin care products as a face mask of manuka honey it is very important to choose the manuka honey study of high therapeutic because honey is the processor is very cheap and appropriate if you are looking for material analysis of natural process only.

It is used many different ways to measure the medicinal properties of honey including:

  • Degrees of UMF for measuring the quality of honey.
  • Levels of MGO, an organization of New Zealand legislation on the selection of quality honey.
  • وKFactor it is a system created and used by the company Wedderspoon where the system KFactor to determine the purity of honey by measuring the amount of pollen in it.
  • Ideally buy manuka honey from a store with a good reputation and look for manuka honey with organic UMF + 15 to maximise the potential health benefits of honey Manuka.

One of the most important types of manuka honey:

  • Honey how to 20+ UMF for medical uses it is useful in the treatment of warts and burns, wounds, problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Honey Witherspoon raw KFactor +16 it uses non-medical.

With the right storage you can use the manuka honey to almost no end, but if it is mixed with components of the other, it expired early.

I don’t recommend honey Manuka children under the age of one year in order to help reduce the risk of poisoning children.

Honey citrus (citrus)

In this type of honey will be the food of bees is the lemon and oranges, so it becomes the color of honey white and a little bit of density, and is characterized by Honey Citrus its usefulness great, especially for kids.

Citrus honey consists of 50% of the nectar of the Citrus one of the most important citrus fruits that make them are tangerine, lemon, sweet and sour, orange and grapefruit.

It is characteristic of honey, citrus (citrus)

It strengthens memory and tonic on beneficial to move vitamin C and anti-peace often also reduces the swelling of the body which is a powerful antiseptic and appetizing and good in the case of disorders of bile, and can helps in getting rid of intestinal worms also increases the metabolism lowers cholesterol, anti-bacteria and fungi.

Uses honey and citrus fruits also in the treatment of anemia and get rid of cough , colds, and eat it constantly works to shield the body from cancer.

Stimulate sexual desire creates a spoon two or three tablespoons of citrus honey with lukewarm water and add to it 4 drops of fresh lemon juice and drink it in the morning regularly.

Honey eucalyptus

This type of honey made from the flowers of eucalyptus, and the color of the Amber is bold and characteristic odor and taste delicious, and highlighted its benefits is to purify the body of toxins, cure respiratory problems, allergies and phlegm.

Contains honey eucalyptus on amino acids and mineral salts such as iron, manganese, and copper.

It benefits that address the problem of the teeth and gums, relieves muscle and joint pain and works to improve the development and treatment of cough and inflammation of the sinuses and bronchi, treats skin problems and as an antiseptic for wounds.

It helps in the treatment of cough in children but starting from one year of age, children from stomach worms.

Linden honey

Depends Linden honey of types of honey is good as it contains minerals, important as copper and iron and a range of vitamins such as vitamin C and E, and glucose and fructose, water and proteins.

Works Linden honey to soothe the nervous system and the nerves, strengthens the immune system in the face of diseases, and treats dryness of the skin and rejuvenates the tissues and cells.

Also used to enhance the energy necessary for all the processes and systems that occur in the cells, also protects from bacteria and viruses.

And its important that in the case of the use of the man in his diet regularly, it helps to stimulate sexuality and men’s health.

As to the use of this honey helps relieve psychological pressure and neurological and physical effort, which is reflected positively on the sexual health of men and improve the quality of sperm with increase the speed of ejaculation, and duration.

Honey rue

Honey rues end of the plant is the Rue grass which grows in most countries of the Arab world with heavy rain.

It uses honey and Rue for the treatment of many diseases and health problems such as irregular menstrual cycle don tapeworm, and soothe the pain.

It also has medicinal properties another one of bacteria and germs, the health of the heart and Digestive and nervous system.

Helps eating the honey of Rue in the treatment of sexual problems such as sexual violence and improve the situation more than offset a positive impact on sexuality.

Honey carob

Honey carob or what is called the bear extracted through a natural process to grind up the chopsticks carob and draw their water without any artificial additives to it.

Enjoyed by high nutritional value and is used in the treatment of constipation and some cases of depression as provide the body with the necessary energy that it needs.

It is its properties that treat anemia, and bone fragility, as it is from the antibiotics in the face of bacteria and germs.

Honey carob is one of the important therapies and natural sexual problems by increasing the sperm count and the physical condition of man, as that has a significant role in addressing the problems of lack of libido in men and women with.

Necessary to calm nerves and improve mood because it helps to relax, and protects the intestines and relieves them from worms and treats diarrhea and inflammation of the gums and pain, and helps to increase Adrar milk nursing.

Honey sunflower

The bees produce from flower sunflowers, features a color golden yellow, and its taste bitter, and what benefits honey sunflower in reducing cholesterol in the human body.

Honey cotton

Turns the color of honey, cotton white when it freezes, and honey cotton to raise the level of cholesterol in the body, and urine, is also used to treat problems of the kidney disease.

Honey Nigella

Is the production of honey and nigella seeds nigella sativa, is used to treat the problem of anemia and strengthen the body immunity, in addition to keeping the level of glucose in the body and stimulate the pancreas and circulation.

Honey capers (shafallah)

Is the production of honey capers from the plant capers wild, preferably honey and capers in the treatment of diseases of the liver, heart and digestive system, it also addresses the problems of anemia and inflammation of the joints, and is used to increase sexual potency and treatment of sexual weakness.

Honey and Clover

The bees produce this type of honey from the Clover flower, and features a color yellow and contain oil pilot, and clover in the treatment of digestive problems and colon, and areas of the body.


It should be noted that the types of honey that we have mentioned are the best types of honey in the world, but does not include all types of honey, will too many types in addition to the above mention: honey apples, honey, carob black, buckwheat honey, honey carrots, chestnut honey, honey, dandelion, honey dates, Hanna, honey, mint, Linden honey, Syrian, honey Willow, honey baking, and many others.

You must not take children younger than years of any type of honey to avoid side effects and to reduce settlement risk.

The lack of a high intake of honey to avoid side effects and allergic reactions.

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