What is the best home pregnancy test

What is the best home pregnancy test answer via website cart health waiting for Ms. PMS every 28 day of the month, but with the absence of the first day of the menstrual cycle regular women can ascertain the existence of pregnancy or not by two methods, one analysis of the blood in the stomach and the other home Test in a pharmacy.


The best type of home pregnancy test

  • Once the delay of the menstrual cycle when the woman start searching for the best type of home pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy or not before going to a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology.
  • The pregnancy test through the urine by measuring the ratio of the pregnancy hormone HCG in the urine which what is known as the hormone glands of the placenta that appears in the urine as a result of the penetration of the ovum wall of the uterus and indulge her in it.
  • Women do this test after the date of the session at least three days throughout the day, but preferably early in the morning for the concentration of the hormone in the urine, and provides multiple types of home pregnancy test, most notably:

Bar one

  • Depends Wondfo Strip the most commonly used among women and in popular areas.
  • Features easily use his speed to show the result.

Lancer Answer

  • Is home testing the UP accuracy to 99%, which is very easy.
  • The discovery of pregnancy during the four days of the absence of the state.

Fact plus Fact Plus

  • Used during the distillation of three to four drops of the urine with the dropper in the test.
  • And can be used to show accurate results after the absence of the state at least five days.

The best device to detect early pregnancy

Despite having tests a home pregnancy only that there is a variety of device detection of early pregnancy up to 99% and the most important of these devices are the following:

Digital any ME T

  • Digital E. P. T is a test campaign number shows the score written either pregnant or not pregnant through a digital screen.
  • Can use the device in the absence of the state in five days.

Clear blue easy digital

  • Contains bottle Clearblue Easy Digital on the three Tests for a pregnancy test.
  • Device is equipped with a digital display and to clarify the pregnancy or not.
  • It can show the test result after the absence of the state one day.

Clear blue advanced digital

  • Clearblue Advanced Digital is the best device to test for pregnancy.
  • Where can detect the number of weeks of pregnancy since the beginning of the ovulation.
  • It can be used after five days on the absence of the state.

Price pregnancy test in the pharmacy

Prices vary a pregnancy test at home, including:

  • Partner one Wondfo Strip in pharmacies interest at the rate of 5 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the price of your test fact plus Fact Plus in pharmacies at a price of EGP 10.

Was the answer to the query most of the women about what the best home pregnancy test we are pleased to receive further inquiries about the methods of health care need.

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