What is the appropriate time to measure the weight


Time to measure the weight depends on the specific day in the week to measure the weight and choose one device to get the correct results your weight, there is usually the wrong play to make you think that you don’t lose your weight or you gained some extra kilos in spite of the followers of the diet and exercise .

Time to measure the weight

The biggest mistakes which they are located is to measure the weight every day, there are measures the weight several times per day and this causes several errors to them.

  • The body makes changes in the weight per day and thus you will find changes in your weight on the scales in the case of measuring the weight daily.
  • Measure the weight after drinking the water may cause a difference in weight throughout the day if you drink one cup of water.
  • Measurement Daily cause frustration because you have been the sport of the day and find and in your weight, this does not restrict every day your weight.
  • The weight will not change in a day or in several hours, and the correct method is to measure the weight is once a week.

Tips for measuring weight

الوقت المناسب لقياس الوزن

الوقت المناسب لقياس الوزن

  • You have to choose a specific day in the week to measure weight.
  • I have your measurement in the morning time before eating and drink water.
  • Measure the weight after the use of its water until you get the correct result.
  • Wear the same dress or the dress close in weight before you stand on the ground.
  • If you’re a girl you have to measure the weight after the menstrual cycle because they increase the weight of several kilograms.

Tips to pick the time of measurement of weight

  • Install the field on the floor of the flat and slanting.
  • Don’t move the field from his place while standing on it.
  • You need to assess your weight all the time in the same place that you measured in the previous time, it is best to install the field in a specific place in your home.

Balance weight measurement

Make sure that there is no balance gives you the same results that it gives you the advantage of another because this is impossible, all the balance does not read different due to several factors, including the quality of the field, for this you have to rely on the balance only one to measure a loss or making kilograms, and the measurement error of weight and you discover that you have lost kilos, and in the next week evaluate your weight on the balance of another and you discover that you didn’t lose pounds but gained a kilo extra when you feel discouraged, this keep to your own.

We gave you time to measure the weight correctly, if you have other suggestions leave a comment down site content.

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