What is the analysis of the NIPT

What is the analysis of NIPT should we answer in our Arab Health is the stage of pregnancy of stages full of dangers and fear both on the health of the mother or the fetus, especially in the presence of hereditary diseases may be inherited by the fetus from the parents or grandparents, so it is advisable to run a test and Analysis Laboratory in order to make sure there is not a problem with the embryo, and in case of any problem speeding up the treatment immediately.


Information on the analysis of NIPT

  • A few years ago and at the beginning of the pregnancy ask your physician some of the analysis of the liquid ANI the border around the embryo to make sure no infection of the fetus with any defect in the chromosomes of its own.
  • Although this analysis was to come to fruition, but it is one of the most dangerous to the fetus and the mother.
  • But with the advances of technology and scientific development has been the discovery of another analysis displays the analysis of the NIPT is a test Noninvasive prenatal testing.
  • An analysis requested by the doctor to make sure that the fetus does not suffer from any problem in the chromosomes, or the chromosomes, where is this kind of analysis possible at all.
  • Because the way to do this conversion does not require surgical intervention or the occurrence of penetrating the uterus of the mother.

Analysis of NIPT for pregnant

May chance to the fetus to certain diseases, whether a result of genetic disease or abnormalities in genes or chromosomes and it is the most important of these diseases include the following:

Down syndrome

  • The number of chromosomes normal in the human body is 46, and provides the chromosome 21 double only twice.
  • In the case of doubling it three times means that the number of chromosomes 47 and thus be the child’s interests in the three Twenty-First Century any Down syndrome.

Turner syndrome

  • Is syndrome children as a result of a defect in the in chromosomes in females becomes them x this is not normal.

Syndrome trisomy 18

It is what you know with Edward as a result of a defect in the gene genetic, as there is also syndrome 13 is Patau syndrome.

Analysis of blood to detect fetal abnormalities

  • The conversion is done by taking a sample of blood from a vein of the mother, where doctors found that the DNA of the mother in pregnancy week the tenth to the twelfth be in the highest concentration.
  • It can be an analysis of NIPT in this period to make sure the infection of the fetus or not, but can’t work this analysis with the load in more than one child or pregnancy case.

Cost analysis of NIPT

  • An analysis of the NIPT better and safer at all, it does not require penetrating the uterus of the mother or the placenta, but through taking a sample of Mother’s blood through the vein, thereby reducing the risk of miscarriage.
  • As to examination analysis always reveals if the child has any abnormalities by the range of 98% to 99%.
  • Although this analysis is very important for people who have problems prior with genes and chromosomes.
  • However, its high cost can include the cost of certain funding because they vary from one person to another and from one place to another.

Was the answer to a query readers about what the analysis of NIPT and we are happy to answer all inquiries about the pregnancy through the comment below the article.

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