What is hypoglycemia

ما هو هبوط السكر

ما هو هبوط السكر

Of course I’ve heard my dear reader about diabetes and its symptoms, which include high or low blood sugar, and through the next section, we will answer your question “What is the drop in the sugar?” Whether in diabetic or normal person.

What is the falling sugar?

To find out what is the drop in sugar? You should know that, based on several different factors will vary the sugar levels in blood rise or fall, this is normal, if there was a difference, it’ll happen in the natural levels, but if low levels of Natural Health and has not been cured, it becomes it’s here serious.

The lower the proportion of sugar in the blood; it is when blood sugar levels drop you have to a sufficient degree, so that you need to take action to return them to normal levels, and this usually happens when the blood sugar less than 70 mg / dL.

Low sugar in the blood cause different symptoms for everyone, although the symptoms may change with the passage of time, we’ll talk about the early symptoms and the symptoms acute.

What are the symptoms of falling sugar?

The early symptoms of low sugar:

  • The feeling of hunger.
  • Sweating.
  • Tingling lips.
  • The feeling of vibrating or shivering.
  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Become upset easily or cry easily or be severe pressure or my mood.
  • Become pale face, if not your treatment.

Symptoms of severe low sugar:

  • Malaise.
  • Blurred vision.
  • The difficulty in concentration.
  • Link.
  • The lack of clarity of speech.
  • Feeling sleepy.
  • Can occur the lower the level of sugar in the blood during sleep, which may stop you during the night or cause headaches or fatigue.

How to treat low blood sugar yourself

After knowing what is the drop in sugar? Follow these steps if you suffer from symptoms of hypoglycemia:

Eat drink sugar or snack:

Try something like a small glass of soft drink or fruit juice, or a small handful of sweets, or 4 or 5 tablets of glucose.

Test your blood sugar after 10 to 15 minutes:

If it was still sugar in the blood is low, you can drink a drink or snack containing sugar, and take another reading within 10 to 15 minutes.

To treat someone who is unconscious, follow these steps:

  • Put person in recovery position and don’t put anything in his mouth so he doesn’t choke.
  • Give an injection of the drug glucagon, if available and you know how to do it. Wait about 10 minutes if you give him the syringe, and an ambulance if you move in within 10 minutes.
  • Call an ambulance if you don’t fancy the injection or you don’t know how to do it.
  • Give him a drink following a light meal containing carbohydrates.

What is hypoglycemia what happens to the average person?

To find out what is the sugar in the average person? You must know that low blood sugar is common in people who do not suffer from diabetes, but the possible reasons that may cause this decline are:

  • Malnutrition or fasting.
  • Gastric bypass surgery, a type of weight loss surgery.
  • Other medical conditions, including Addison’s disease ; it is the growth of non-cancer in the pancreas.
  • The problem in the liver, kidney, or heart.
  • Some drugs, including quinine (taken to treat malaria).

Relationship of exercise fall in blood sugar

The exercise has many benefits, but the difficult thing for people with diabetes of the first type, is that it can be exercise to reduce blood sugar on the short term or long term.

Has nearly half of the children in the study of diabetes of the first type, who had hours a day of sports, to a decrease in the rate of sugar in the blood during the night, it can affect the intensity of the workout, duration, timing and in danger of falling.

So you should budget a good diet and exercises under the supervision of specialists. Now after knowing the causes for the decline of sugar in the blood, if you have an questions you can consult one of our doctors here.

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