What is gestational diabetes

ما هو سكر الحمل

ما هو سكر الحمل

Dear mother, if you want to know what gestational diabetes is? You can continue reading this article with us, to understand the nature of gestational diabetes, how to deal with it and how to prevent it.

What is sugar pregnancy?

What is sugar pregnancy? Have you run this question a lot. Develops gestational diabetes during pregnancy, affecting gestational diabetes on how to use your cells of sugar (glucose), and cause gestational diabetes high blood sugar, which may affect the pregnancy and the health of your child.

Women may need to control gestational diabetes by eating healthy foods and exercise if it is necessary, as the control of blood sugar can prevent difficult childbirth, and maternal health and the health of her baby in good condition.

Sugar pregnancy is not chronic, where back blood sugar returned to normal after the birth shortly. But if the mother has gestational diabetes, it means that they may be exposed to infection of Type 2 diabetes, and that is why the mother to monitor and manage her blood sugar under the supervision of your health care team during pregnancy.

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Signs of gestational diabetes

After you know your what is sugar pregnancy? You might want to now know the signs of gestational diabetes. Sugar pregnancy does not cause signs or noticeable symptoms, but may relate to the infected pregnant mother with gestational diabetes to increase the feeling of thirst and increased need to urinate.

And the mother that are looking for health care early, before you consider trying to conceive, so her doctor assess the risk of infection with gestational diabetes, once becoming a mother is pregnant, the doctor will examine diabetes during her pregnancy as part of antenatal care.

Your doctor may recommend a test to early of glucose to the mother at the end of three months the first pregnancy, it is repeated that test again between Week 24 and 28 of pregnancy, if the result of the tests is negative, it is tested again.

After that, the technician scans the sugar in the mother’s blood after I drink sugar cells, depending on the test results, the mother works with her doctor to follow some instructions to reduce the sugar in her blood during pregnancy.

Has the doctor analyzed the mother-to specialists and additional health specialists in diabetes, such as specialist endocrinologist or nutritionist, and through the help of these professionals can be the mother to learn how to control the level of sugar in blood during pregnancy.

Will the health care team examined the percentage of sugar in the blood of the mother immediately after birth and again within six weeks of the birth, to make sure that the blood sugar level has returned to normal after the baby is born.

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The causes of gestational diabetes

Knowing what is sugar pregnancy? It is essential to understand the causes of injury some women gestational diabetes, it is for these reasons:

  • During pregnancy, produces the placenta high levels of hormones and various other, these hormones may weaken the action of insulin in the cells of the mother, raising the blood sugar, but the sugar high is simple blood after meals is normal during pregnancy.
  • With the growth of the embryo, produces the placenta more and more hormones and anti-insulin, leading to high blood sugar to a level that could affect the child’s growth.

Usually develops gestational diabetes during the last half of pregnancy, sometimes early in the twentieth week of pregnancy, but in general does not happen gestational diabetes only in the last pregnancy.

Dear mother, after you know your what is gestational diabetes ? the Please caution them not to neglect dealing with it in a healthy manner and sound until you’re trying to the safety of their own health and the health of your child, and for more services you can consult one of our doctors here

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