What is bleeding in pregnancy

ما هو نزيف بدء الحمل

ما هو نزيف بدء الحمل

Bleeding during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, and usually don’t have to worry, but because bleeding can sometimes be a sign of something serious, it is important to know the possible causes, and in this article we will explore what is bleeding in pregnancy and what are its causes and also what is the difference between the spots that appear at the beginning of pregnancy and bleeding.

Are you bleeding or the occurrence of some of the spots normal during pregnancy?

Before we get to what is bleeding in pregnancy we are of natural occurrence of bleeding or the appearance of some spots of blood in pregnancy or not.

Usually the appearance of patches of light of blood or bleeding is common during pregnancy, usually occurs during the early stages of pregnancy (first trimester), and approximately 20% of women suffer from the appearance of these spots or bleeding, although it is normal to feel the bleeding, but the mother must consult a competent doctor it is better to undergo some tests and ultrasound to make sure that the fetus is fine and exclude any complications.

What are the causes of the appearance of spots?

Bleeding of implantation of the ovum

This happens bleeding during early pregnancy, when the adhesion of the ovum to the wall of the uterus can show some spots, usually occurs after about 6 to 12 days of pregnancy, these are usually stains lighter than the color of the stains that occur before the menstrual period and lasts for a few days.

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What is bleeding the start of pregnancy?

Heavy bleeding during pregnancy is not a good sign because it can be accompanied by some other complications, here are some of the causes of bleeding during pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

This requires immediate medical attention, and may cause ectopic pregnancy, heavy bleeding with severe abdominal pain, sometimes with pressure on the rectum, and feeling light-headed, fainting.

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Molar pregnancy

Molar pregnancy is a rare condition, in this case grow abnormal tissue inside the uterus instead of the fetus, in rare cases, be women cancerous and can spread to other parts of the body, and other symptoms for the cluster are nausea, vomiting, severe inflation, the rapid uterus.


To complete identify what is bleeding in pregnancy is one of the causes of bleeding during early pregnancy is the occurrence of abortion, because abortion is more common during the weeks of the first 12 of pregnancy, is one of the biggest concerns of the mother when exposure bleeding during early pregnancy, however, does not mean bleeding the first trimester not necessarily that the mother has lost the fetus or she will be subjected to abortion, in fact, if you were monitoring the baby’s heart beat on the ultrasound, more than 90% Of women suffering from bleeding in the first three months will not abort, and the symptoms of other abortion strong contractions in the lower abdomen.

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Other reasons

  • Changes in the cervix during pregnancy: the blood flows excess to the cervix, where it can lead everyone or Pap test, which cause contact the neck of the uterus, to bleeding, this type of bleeding, don’t worry.
  • Infection: can cause any infection in the cervix or vagina or sexually transmitted infection in the occurrence of bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy.

At the end of the article, dear readers, after that we know what is bleeding in pregnancy , the mother should upon the occurrence of any type of bleeding or the appearance of the spot to make sure a specialist doctor to avoid the risk of exposure to any complications to ensure the safety of the mother and the fetus, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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