What is a quick cure common cold and stuffy nose?


We will continue with you through this article is a quick cure for colds and stuffy nose through the website idea Fekera.com and zakat inside the nose of the more common diseases which occur in winter as frequently they occur also in the transition period from season to season like autumn and spring and occurs zakat as a result of a viral infection causing catarrh it may take ten days to get rid of these annoying symptoms, but some want quick remedies to get rid of these symptoms associated with colds and stuffy nose prior to this and this is what we have with in the next lines.

Zakat stuffy nose :-

  • Zakat is a viral infection affecting the nose and throat and inflammation of them, continuously for nearly ten days to enable the body to get rid of this infection yourself.
  • While a stuffy nose cause infection, catarrh and sinus, affecting them and causes pain which also causes runny nose.

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Symptoms of a cold stuffy nose :-

There are some symptoms associated with colds and stuffy nose these symptoms are :

  • Inflammation of the throat.
  • Clogged and runny nose.
  • Headache.
  • Possible occurrence of pain in the ears.
  • Change Pictures where you find that the purely.
  • Loss in appetite.
  • Severe pain in the body with a state of general exhaustion.
  • Cough bad it was dry or sputum.
  • High temperatures.
  • Sneezing.
  • Incidence of the condition of fatigue.

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The causes of catarrh and a blocked nose :-

  • Infection cold due to exposure to a viral infection hit the nose of the pig such as the influenza virus or coronavirus.
  • As it can be cold in the case of mixing of someone who is sick or use personal items or touch surfaces contaminated with the featured style of the patient.
  • While clogged nose comes as a result of the following :
    • Cold and influenza.
    • Sinusitis is temporary or chronic.
    • Allergic rhinitis

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Fast cure common cold stuffy nose :-

We’ll here’s a bunch of ways to easy and fast which would reduce the annoying symptoms associated with colds and stuffy nose This ways are :-

Do a steam bath :-

  • You place the pile of people where the water and tea chamomile and even mounts of water vapor, then round your face a little bit of steam with the Note put a towel to cover the head.
  • You have to repeat this method several times in the day to run after her with great satisfaction and get rid of some unpleasant symptoms.

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Use the solution file :-

  • Prepare the salt solution of the most common and widespread in the treatment of the aggregates as recommended by doctors a substitute for many medicines.
  • Working salt solution for treatment of nasal obstruction where it dissolves the accumulated mucus in the nose to save you from them as it helps greatly in the treatment of colds, as it helps to soothe inflammation of the blood vessels that cause catarrh.
  • Is put two tablespoons of salt in a cup of hot water (I boiled it and sterilized it leave it until it becomes warm), and then use the herring to put the mobile in the nose to see the amount of mucus that will get rid of it.

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Use apple cider vinegar :-

  • Apple cider vinegar is a natural solutions home appliances that help in getting rid of clogged and runny nose, where it says apple cider vinegar search the mucus and get rid of them.
  • It is used as follows : is put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with a spoon of honey and mix them and fields several times a day to find that after several days to clogging of the nose may disappear completely.

Use garlic :-

  • Garlic contains anti-bacterial and viruses that will eliminate the infection that occurred in the respiratory system and caused catarrh and a blocked nose.
  • It is used as follows : cut up some garlic cloves and put them in a glass of warm water and consume once in the morning and once in the evening for several days.

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The use of hot peppers :

  • The longer the chili of the most natural substances that help get rid of a stuffy nose caused by sinusitis.
  • Where has chili on materials help a lot of runny nose such as a substance capsaicin.
  • It is used as follows : to be used powder chili with honey bees spoon each and eat for several days.

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