What is a dental bridge

ما هو جسر الأسنان

ما هو جسر الأسنان

A lot of seeking to get a bright smile, but there are some drawbacks such as loss of age or more for some reason, so you may resort for dental bridges you will know what is a dental bridge to? Free reader continued with us to this decision.

What is dental bridge?

  • If you lose your teeth, your dentist can close gaps in your smile bridges dental.
  • Dental bridge is the age of false known as pontic is fastened in its place by the pillars of note that it is possible to manufacture from different materials like gold, but are usually made from porcelain to match your natural teeth.

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Why you might need body teeth?

When you have missing teeth, it can affect you in several ways, it can be for the dental bridge to address these changes, including:

  • Restore your smile.
  • Restore the ability to chew food properly.
  • Pronunciation and speech are decent and true.
  • To maintain the shape of your face.
  • The structure of your jaw evenly as you can of chewing well.
  • Maintain your teeth the remainder of the deviation from the correct position.

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What is the cost of dental bridges is?

There are many variables that can affect the price including:

  • The number of teeth necessary to fill the gap.
  • The materials used, such as resin or zirconia or metal alloys covered with the resin.
  • The complexity and difficulty of establishing bridges as needed.
  • Additional treatments for dental problems such as gum disease.
  • The geographic location.

Types of dental bridge

Now that I know what is dental bridge? Your doctor can suggest a certain type of these bridges depending on the condition of your teeth, including:

What is a dental bridge traditional?

  • The bridge consists of the traditional teeth of the teeth of the fakes are fastened in place by the crowns of the teeth are installed on each of the adjacent teeth.
  • The traditional bridge is the most popular type can be used when you have natural teeth by place of missing teeth.

What is the dental bridge process is?

  • Although it looks like a traditional bridge, but the bridge kept in place by a dental crown which was strengthened with the enactment of the one nature only.
  • To get this type of dental bridges, then you just need to age a normal one next to the vacuum left by missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge Maryland?

  • Similar to the traditional bridge, used bridges of Maryland, two of natural teeth, one on each side of the gap left by The Missing year however, while it uses the traditional bridge of dental crowns on the teeth of a pillar is meant by the natural teeth adjacent tooth, uses a bridge Maryland a framework of either metal or porcelain behind the teeth of the stent.
  • Like a traditional bridge, you can’t use bridge to Maryland only if you have the age of the normal on each side of the gap left by missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge supported farming?

Instead of crowns or frameworks are supported these bridges agriculture are usually doing one implant surgery for a missing tooth, and this implant bridges in place.

Requires the bridge supported the implantation procedure two surgeries:

  • One is to embed the implant in the jaw bone.
  • A second surgery to place and install the bridge.

It may take several months until the whole procedure.

Dental bridge or dental implants?

Many dental insurance plans consists do dental bridges, covers a lot of them now transplants, may need to replace dental bridge every 5 to 15 years, depending on proper care, while the transplant a permanent solution, there are factors that can reduce the life span of all types of bridges, including implants, such as dental health.

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So dear reader do not worry anymore. you can finally have a smile, and if you have any queries about that you can consult one of our doctors here.

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