What damage smoking?

ما أضرار التدخين

ما أضرار التدخين

Answer in this article about the question What is smoke damage with all damage caused by smoking add a new reason for each smoker makes it immediately begins to quit the habit, where there is no safe way to smoke as some claim, it does not matter the way you smoke tobacco very harmful to health anyway.

What damage smoking?

Smoking affects all the organs of the body can clarify the harms of smoking on the body are as follows:

What the damage of smoking on the nervous system?

Returns the damage of smoking on the nervous system to the presence of areNik protein that enters the blood and gives you a feeling of euphoria, and then ends this feeling fast to leave you in a state of lethargy, loss of equilibrium, and then begin to smoke again to retrieve your activity.

As a result of the saturation of the blood for the two changed chemical status of the brain, however, continue to smoke start some of the symptoms to appear on the debtor, namely:

  • Headaches
  • Tension, anxiety, unit more
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nervousness, irritability, unexplained
  • Inflammation of the nerves

Some try to overcome these symptoms, smoked more tobacco, and that’s what makes quitting seem difficult especially at first because of reaching the stage of nicotine addiction.

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Damage of smoking on the respiratory system

When you start smoking formulated lungs and respiratory system badly damaged as a result of inhalation of harmful substances generated by the combustion of tobacco and continue to smoke damage many of the device development starts to increase the chance of pneumonia, which soon may require to the Lord, the andthey areto be afraid of the bronchi, the blockage of chronic lung, which may end up in the not too distant injury with lung cancer.

What the damage of smoking on the heart?

Affect the nicotine in tobacco on the heart and blood vessels, where it mixes with the blood and causes damage to the blood vessels, narrow your arteries which hinders the movement of blood within it leads to high blood pressure, which is the main cause of stroke heart and stroke stroke.

It gets worse in smokers who suffer from high blood pressure, heart patients who have undergone installation of the struts or injured gene and refrain from smoking.

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What the harms of smoking on the skin, hair and nails for?

Smoke damage is not limited to internal organs of the body, but stretching the body is also where the nicotine affects the vitality of the skin glow and increases the chances of developing skin cancer.

Are also affected nail smoking where they become more susceptible to fungal infection, and how smoking affects hair so they fell badly and shows white hair early.

Damage of smoking on the digestive system

Smoking affects the gastrointestinal tract of the debtor where the rate of cancer of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, stomach, and colon including exposed to secondhand smoke.

Increases smoking likelihood of cancer of the pancreas, reduces the response of body cells to insulin and that’s what makes smokers more susceptible to diabetes Type II and show its complications in smokers faster.

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What the damage of smoking on sexual potency and fertility it?

Smoking reduces the rate of blood hyphen to the genitals of men and women because nicotine causes narrowing of the blood vessels feeding which leads to lack of sex hormone secretion and impaired fertility.

As smoking affects sperm quality, and increases the proportion of deformation to its this reduces the chances of reproductive married couples, the women said smoking of sexual desire and leads to dryness of the vaginal area.

After that we showed you what damage smoking on all organs of the body would still see that quitting smoking is needs to think?!

Dear reader, take a decision to live life without smoking, to avoid a lot of health problems, if you have any further queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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