What causes smoking

ماذا يسبب التدخين

ماذا يسبب التدخين

There is no doubt that smoking caused serious damage to human health, smoking causes multiple diseases, it affects every organ of the body, therefore you must know, dear reader , what smoking causes to your health, so avoid smoking, and trying hard to give it up, and let’s face it with the damage of smoking it, in this article.

What cause smoking

A lot of bloggers asking this question What does smoking causes, and we find here that smoking is in general accompanied by a lot of problems which can mention them, as follows :

  • Generally leads to smoking, to the deterioration of your health.
  • I said the ability to work.
  • Can lead to death, there are already many cases of death due to smoking.
  • Lack of areas of the body, so the smoker is more vulnerable to a lot of diseases, such as heart disease, and stroke.
  • A major cause of lung cancer.
  • And also may lead you to smoking to drug or alcohol abuse.

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Smoking is a major cause of infection of this disease

Smoking and cardiovascular diseases

The first answers to the question what causes a smoking is that a smoker is more at risk of stroke and heart disease and coronary artery disease, which is one of the most serious diseases that may lead to the occurrence of death, and if you’re someone who smoked less than 5 times a day. it also means that there is a possibility for the appearance of signs of these diseases on you.

It is a pity that smoking causes to the damage to blood vessels, which in turn causes the increased heartbeat and high blood pressure, and even lead to the occurrence of the skin, where it prevent the skin from the blood flow to the human brain, it can also lead to lack of blood flow around the man.

Smoking and respiratory diseases

Smoking can cause many diseases for the respiratory system to the body of the debtor, we find that it affects the lung, where it targets the destruction of the lung, it may cause blockage of the lung, or inflation of the lung, and chronic inflammation of the bronchi, in addition to that, the main cause of infection lung cancer.

Should be on the debtor to live that the smoking of 12 to 13 times a day increases the chances of being hit with obstruction of the pulmonary artery, which in turn can lead to the occurrence of death.

Smoking and cancer

Smoking may be the direct injury to the debtor of cancer in different parts of the body such as cancer of the bladder, blood, uterus, kidney, colon, and lung…etc.

What causes smoking to pregnant women

For pregnant women, smoking affects the health of the fetus before and after birth negative, smoking increases the rate of danger to our health, for example, we find that it causes:

  • Can cause the appearance of the signs of premature labor.
  • The death of the baby before birth.
  • Lack of the weight of the baby at birth.
  •  The sudden death of the child after birth , which is called an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Can affect bone health in the mother, the Mother City after birth suffer from weak bones, but become more vulnerable to broken bones.

What causes the smoking of side effects are common

  • Smoking adversely affects the health of teeth and gums, the blogger can lose his teeth due to smoking.
  • If the debtor is in constant danger of infection into the eye lens, which with time leads to the blocking of vision.
  • As smoking can cause the occurrence of macular degeneration associated with age which allows(AMD)

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Quitting smoking reduces a lot of risk

After you know what smoking causes, we want to assure you that quitting smoking is trying to your health and encourage your energy and vitality, as follows:

  • By quitting smoking you to avoid the incidence of vascular disease, during the one year you quit smoking you can reduce your risk of heart attack significantly.
  • Also you quit smoking protect you from the occurrence of the stroke, during the two years of you quit smoking the less chance you Crisis heart like a non-smoker.
  • If you quit smoking you reduce your chances of cancer.
  • Finally you began smoking reduces the probability of death due to lung cancer by a large percentage.

Now that we know the dangers of smoking and what smoking causes , the time has come dear reader to quit smoking without return, and we are pleased to consult a team of doctors every day information medical from here.

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