What causes fetal malformation

ما أسباب تشوه الجنين

ما أسباب تشوه الجنين

The disadvantage of CT is the large defect in appearance, or brown, or function present at birth, where it shows 2% to 3% of children born alive one flaw or more at birth, and to find out what the causes of fetal malformation and how you try to avoid them? Keep with us dear this article.

Understanding birth defects

The vast majority of children who are born, are healthy, but if one child out of every 3 children out of every 100 births, have suffered a congenital (acquired after conception) or a genetic birth defect, how can you guarantee your health in the long term? While some defects can be treated with medication or surgery, but that the efforts of your family generally create a positive environment for your child, help to reduce the potential disability.

It can be a disadvantage of CT is clear, or a defect internally, or imbalance chemically inside the body, examples of the obvious drawback, the lack of an arm, or a hemangioma (birthmark vascular) on the skin surface.

It can be a defect of procedure, a kidney deformed, or ventricular septal defect (hole between the lower chambers of the heart).

What causes deformation of the fetus?

Vary the causes of birth defects, and still the causes of many birth defects is unknown, may occur a particular case because one or more of the basic problems of the following:

Problems genetic problems and chromosomal

It may happen the army or more, a change or mutation lead to their lack of properly, such as syndrome X Fragile X or Fragile, similarly, may be a gene or part of gene is missing.

In some cases, it may be a chromosome or portion of chromosome is missing, as is the case in Turner syndrome, when you lack of the female X chromosome, produce other birth defects for the presence of an extra chromosome, such as the syndrome of layer and Down syndrome.

Read also: Down syndrome causes and types.


Women infected during pregnancy, more at risk of having a child with birth defects, for example, the order of infection with Zika virus during pregnancy steps labeled microcephaly, where the brain and skull is smaller than normal,

What causes deformation of the fetus? Exposure to certain drugs

The infants of mothers who consumed a real estate time, they are examples of exposure that leads to congenital malformations, other examples include exposure to donkeys, and air (also called German measles), toxic chemicals, such as hydrocarbons.

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Prevention of fetal malformations

Can’t prevent all birth defects, but there are things women can do before and during pregnancy, to increase her chances of having a healthy baby:

  • Be sure to visit health care providers regularly and start prenatal care as soon as you think you might be pregnant.
  • Get 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, starting at least one month before pregnancy.
  • Don’t smoke and spare my smoking behavior.
  • Get to know how to prevent infection during pregnancy.
  • If possible, make sure that any medical conditions are under control before pregnancy, and include some of the situations that increase the risk of birth defects diabetes and obesity.

And to health care providers, about any medications taking, or considering taking it, this includes drugs that prescription, drugs that do not use a prescription of nutritional supplements or herbal.

Do not stop or start taking any type of medication without checking with your doctor first.

In the end, after that you know with us dear on, what causes deformation of the fetus? Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor, if you notice any display is not supported, and recommends honey, the bus is always on your safety.

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