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Dear readers, if abortion is one of the worst health experienced by the case, during the first trimester of pregnancy, did not include him from feeling intense pain, and pass out of the stages of the tiring and exhausting not through abortion, in order to know together, what types of abortion? And what causes of miscarriage ? the Keep with us and read the rest of the article.

What types of abortion?

There are a variety of terms that doctors use when discussing the term abortion. And before we know it with what causes of miscarriage? We will act first on those species, as follows:

  • Threatened miscarriage: which includes some bleeding in early pregnancy with lower back pain, but have the cervix closed. In this case, the pregnancy lasts.
  • Inevitable abortion or incomplete: and in case of pain in the abdomen or back, bleeding and open neckline. Thus, abortion is considered inevitable.
  • Complete abortion: which differentiate the fetus from the uterus, where bleeding quickly along with the feeling of pain.
  • Abortion lost: where the fetus, but there are no other symptoms, such as bleeding or pain.
  • Recurrent miscarriages: is defined as treating the case of three abortions or more during the first trimester of pregnancy.

What causes abortion?

Miscarriage can happen for several reasons, including:

The placenta chromosomes

The placenta is the organ responsible for the nutrition of the fetus the blood supply of the mother, when there are problems, then this may prevent the placenta from the performance of that function, which can cause miscarriage. It can also cause problems related to granddad abortion. This is because the fetus can receive, sometimes, the wrong number of chromosomes, resulting in the growth of the fetus is abnormal. Linked to miscarriages, which occur during the first trimester of pregnancy, mainly deforms the chromosomes in the child.

Abnormalities of the uterus and ovaries

Can cause abnormalities of the uterus, which includes the form of non-natural or the development of fibroids, growth of non-cancerous, you know, the developing fetus at risk, leading to miscarriage. It can also open up the cervix vulnerable in very early during pregnancy, leading to miscarriage. It can work polycystic ovarian syndrome a hormonal imbalance, causing loss of the fetus.

What causes abortion? .. The pattern of the life of the mother

If the pattern of the life of the mother includes some unhealthy habits, like smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, or alcohol intake, or exercise of violent sports that include jumping, or exposure to certain chemicals, this can lead to loss of the fetus.

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Related topics

Warning signs of miscarriage

There are a range of warning signs of miscarriage. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or all of them, it is important to contact your doctor or medical emergency immediately, to assess whether you have suffered a miscarriage, or not:

  • The development of back pain mild to severe, which is often worse than the fluctuations of the normal menstrual cycle.
  • Weight loss.
  • The descent of secretion of white pink.
  • Fluctuations extremely painful every 5-20 minutes.
  • The descent of the bleeding red or light brown with or without cramps.
  • The descent of the block set such as substances that pass from the vagina.
  • Sudden decrease in signs of pregnancy.

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Dear readers, we hope to have our article has answered your question: what causes miscarriage? Strictly, if you have more questions, and keep with us the rest of the articles about pregnancy and childbirth.

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