What are the ways to quit smoking

ما هى طرق الإقلاع عن التدخين

ما هى طرق الإقلاع عن التدخين

Quitting smoking is not easy, but do you know what are the ways to quit smoking? You tried so hard to quit and every time, resist the cravings and can? Don’t despair dear readers, and party with us on ways to quit smoking.

The effects of smoking on health

Causes cigarette smoking, many of the damage to the body, and may lead to life-threatening complications, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking increases the risk of death, not only associated with using tobacco.

How smoking affects the respiratory, circulatory and reproductive system, skin and eyes, increases the risk of many types of cancer.

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What are the ways to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is not easy but requires effort, will suffer from smoking? I tried many ways to quit smoking and failed? Don’t give up you know with us and try again to quit smoking these ways:

Find the cause of your own to your

Get on the bus is that you will use and you can get support from your family, you could be protecting your family from the damage of passive smoking an incentive to you, or your concern to protect yourself from lung cancer, heart disease or any disease other is caused by smoking, or you feel you look smaller.

What are the ways to quit smoking review be?

Before you begin ask your doctor about all the methods that can help you such as: lessons, quit smoking, medication, andhypnosis and tingling needles to be ready for the day you choose for the withdrawal of the nicotine.

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What are the ways to quit smoking, access to medical supplies?

Some drugs can inhibit the cravings to smoke, and can also alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as depression or problems with concentration.

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Get support from your loved ones

Tell your friends and family to encourage you to continue and you can join the therapy sessions to speak with a specialized behavior.

What are the ways to quit smoking alternatives to nicotine?

When you stop smoking, the nicotine withdrawal gives you headaches or affects your mood, or depletes your energy, but nicotine replacement therapy can ease these things, where studies show that nicotine gum may improve your chances of success in quitting.

Make sure to have a clean house.

Wash any clothes by the smell of cigarettes and clean the carpet and curtains, and use air fresheners and get rid of the smell in every corner of the house and all the belongings of the cigarette, lighters, etc., and stay away from whatever reminds you of smoking.

Be active

Activity may occur from the nicotine cravings it’s like moving up and descending and development or any of the activities of the other.

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What are the ways to quit smoking eating foods?

Don’t try to follow a strict diet when you quit smoking as deprivation can backfire, eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains that options good for your body.

Make friends of non-smokers

When you’re at a party or anywhere you enjoy persons and non-smokers.

Tried many times and don’t give up

A lot of people when trying to and again feel despair, all things in the beginning it is not easy, commitment and stuck to your decision and remember your motives.

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What are the ways to quit smoking, reward it?

In addition to the ravages of smoking health unless you spend a lot on buying cigarettes and other types of tobacco, but to give them up you can reward yourself with all the money that it will.

The initiative to quit smoking

Whenever I started quitting early, the less percentage of your diseases, especially lung cancer and reduce the likelihood of injury in heart attacks in the long term.

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In the end, dear reader, now that I know what are the ways to quit smoking iPad quit smoking at the earliest to maintain your health, and if you have any queries or consultation you can consult one of our doctors from here.

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