What are the things that affect your pregnancy

ما هي الأشياء التي تؤثر على الحمل

ما هي الأشياء التي تؤثر على الحمل

During pregnancy you should move the mother to the safety of our health and the health of her unborn child, so we desired to ask What are the things that affect the pregnancy? In this section, proceed with us.

Pregnancy problems

During pregnancy may occur for the mother some of the problems that can affect them and their child such as:


Do you mean anemia having fewer red blood cells healthy, and help treat the cause of the underlying anemia in restoring the number of these cells, and then women feel tired and weak, the doctor can recommend iron supplements or folic acid to help in the treatment.

High blood pressure

Chronic high blood pressure which is controlled badly before and during pregnancy exposes the pregnant woman and her baby at risk of problems and increase the risk of complications like pre-eclampsia andplacental abruption, and gestational diabetes.

Facing these women is also a greater risk, such as premature birth and low weight of the baby at birth or death of the infant, so you should discuss your problems with blood pressure with your doctor to control it and get the right treatment.

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What are the things that affect the pregnancy?

ما هي الأشياء التي تؤثر على الحمل

ما هي الأشياء التي تؤثر على الحمل

There are some things that affect the pregnancy, it is better to avoid them include:

Acupuncture and massage

While some complementary therapies, such as acupuncture and massage are generally safe during pregnancy, but there are still times during pregnancy should not be used, such as you must not massage the abdomen during the first three months of pregnancy.

It is also safe in general acupuncture during pregnancy, but you should tell your doctor that you’re pregnant, because there are some acupuncture points cannot be used safely during pregnancy.


Toxoplasmosis is a common infection occurs in most birds and mammals, including humans, and can cause serious problems in pregnancy, and can be found on the parasite that causes this disease in cat feces or soil or cat litter contaminated with feces of cats infected.

Although the risk of infection with toxoplasmosis during pregnancy is very low, but if you are infection in the stages of early pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage increases and it can cause blindness and brain damage of the foetus.

Can resemble the symptoms symptoms of the flu such as high temperature, sore throat, and sometimes don’t show any symptoms, and often are not screening pregnant women routinely search for toxoplasmosis, so it is important to know how to avoid infection.


You should avoid making X-rays during pregnancy because it can cause birth defects and problems for mental and physical development of the fetus, linked to the risk of X-ray phase of pregnancy in which the exposure occurs and the amount of the dose that reaches the child, may lead to radiation exposure to high dose in the first two weeks after pregnancy to a miscarriage.

Radiation exposure high-dose after two to eight weeks of pregnancy may increase the risk of fetal growth restriction or birth defects, may increase exposure between Weeks 8 and 16 of the risk of a disability learning or intellectual disabilities.

But a typical dose of radiation exposure actually associated with the X-ray diagnostic a much lower dose high associated with these complications, so it is important to tell your doctor if you are pregnant because some procedures can affect the fetus.

Related topics

Foods that affect pregnancy

There are some foods that you should avoid pregnant women, include the following:

  • Meat and raw fish such as sushi and raw eggs, because they increase infection with salmonella and toxoplasmosis, which increases injury case complications and problems of pregnancy.
  • Cold meats, or ready-made.
  • Juices and unpasteurized dairy products.
  • Some types of soft cheese, especially soft cheeses imported, such as Brie and feta.
  • Fish that contain high levels of mercury, such as swordfish shark mackerel.

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In the end, dear readers, after that you know the answer to your question What are the things that affect the pregnancy? As you know the foods you should avoid during pregnancy, be sure to avoid these things, and we wish you a healthy pregnancy and mandate easy.

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