What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men in detail

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for humans, because it helps in a huge variety of life processes that occur within the human body, it is important for your bones, in addition to the ability of his superior in enhancing the performance of the immune system, and many other vital processes, and the lack of vitamin D from the car, and a lot of health problems, the respect of all individuals no, we will have to talk in detail about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency at the men in the next section.

What are the benefits of vitamin D

Before talking about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men it is important to first clarify the importance of this vitamin for humans in general, unlike other types of vitamins, the vitamin D work cars completely, all the cells within the human body to make it through cholesterol, so once the body is exposed to the solar rays directly, as well as its presence in a lot of food, such as milk and its derivatives, the types of fatty fish, vitamin D is very important for it strengthens the impact of all functions and systems that occur within the human positively.

ما فوائد فيتامين د

ما فوائد فيتامين د

The daily requirement for vitamin D

It is important to know the daily requirement for that vitamin is important by volunteering to talk about symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men, which will be different and a lot of factors, such as age, gender, and etc., and put the quantities recommended daily Unit International:

  1. From birth to the attainment of year it’s important to get four hundred IU.
  2. Individuals in childhood and until the twelfth year need to six hundred IU.
  3. In adolescence, namely, from the age of fourteen and even eighteen have the body need to have 600 international units.
  4. The ladies in the natural and in the stage of pregnancy and breastfeeding, you need 600 units.
  5. The ladies at the age of 71 years or more, you need to have 800 units.

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Causes of vitamin D deficiency

In the case of non-exposure to the solar rays, or there were allergic to milk, or committed to the system of a vegetarian is severe, the likelihood of exposure to infection a decrease in the level of the hormone d be high, and some of the factors that increase the risk of low vitamin D is:

  1. A tan complexion.
  2. Big age.
  3. Obesity.
  4. Avoid eating fish and dairy yogurt.
  5. The use of protector of the sun permanently when you go out, and also at times not be important to use where, and in the early time of the morning, because the solar radiation greatly beneficial to the body.

أسباب نقص فيتامين د

أسباب نقص فيتامين د

Damage to vitamin D deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency at the men on the following:

Aches and weakness of both muscle and bone you think of more signs of low vitamin D levels inside the body of the man, and for a large number of individuals have prepared symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men mysterious, with the low vitamin d be the cause in a lot of dangerous things, because there’s a connection between him and what’s to come:

  • High probability of death due to epidemics of heart and vascular disease.
  • Cognitive impairment when elderly men.
  • Severe asthma.
  • Cancer.

There is research to suggest that vitamin D is important for protection against many health disorders such as Type I and II of the epidemic of diabetes, and the problem of multiple sclerosis, and finally the high pressure.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men detail

Can outline the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men in the following lines:

  • The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men low bone density, which can lead to osteoporosis, in addition Time easily exposed to breakage.
  • There are some modern medical studies to determine the relationship between low vitamin D and a range of epidemics, such as diabetes, and cancer, and multiple sclerosis, and weakness associated with blood, and now they are doing a lot of research to find out the effects of low vitamin those medical problems.
  • The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency when adult men having a case of osteomalacia, which results in a general weakness, sharp pain in the bone and also muscle.

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Also the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men which be significantly apparent in adults include the following:

  • Infection of being unwell and extreme fatigue.
  • Depression and mood swings.
  • Aches in the bones.
  • Cramps muscle aches and weakness.

Vitamin D deficiency and face possible men

There is recent research he is associating the relationship between the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men, some of the medical cases, pain is possible, which in turn be responsible for the injury problems rheumatism, and neurological disorders.

It is possible to address the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men, thereby reducing the pain is possible, and muscle aches.

Does vitamin D deficiency cause infertility in men

Studies show that the rate of vitamin D within the body of the man does not play an important role in the reproductive age, has been to find a relationship between the proportion of vitamin D and fertility, and testosterone, and also sexual ability.

Also there is a study that found a relationship between low vitamin D levels and decrease the secretion of semen, in addition to the vulnerable situation of sperm, as there is a link between the compound and the ratio of testosterone when a man, when increasing the proportion of vitamin D increases the proportion of testosterone.

The proportion of vitamin D in men

After the completion of display symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men it is important to know how a man needs from a vitamin D daily is:

  • Adult men from the age of nine, ten and even seventy years need to be 600 units.
  • Adult men more than seven years, need to 800 units.

Analysis of vitamin D

Say that your conversion of vitamin D by measuring the rate of vitamin D inside the blood, by withdrawing a sample of blood, which be through a vein in the arm, there is not any preparations before undergo that analysis.

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If the normal range for vitamin d be twenty and even fifty nano-meters per millimeter liter, while be on at least a dozen nano-grams per milliliters, so as to be evidence of low vitamin D levels within the blood.

تحليل فيتامين د

تحليل فيتامين د

Treatment of vitamin D deficiency

Be one of the first steps taken to address the decrease in vitamin D, try to reduce the occurrence of symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men they include the following:

  1. Increase the rate of vitamin D in the body through food sources containing it by a high, for example fatty fish, milk, and dairy products fortified.
  2. Exposure to more solar rays directly, especially in the early times of the morning, as the Rays are extremely helpful in that time.
  3. Taking supplements of vitamin D, which must be taken after medical consultation, to avoid any problems.

So we know our symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in men, for further inquiries you can reach our website.

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