What are the symptoms of quitting smoking

ما هي أعراض ترك التدخين

ما هي أعراض ترك التدخين

Although quitting smoking may be hard but it’s worth it, you might some wonder what are the symptoms of quitting smoking and how you can get rid of them during the period of take-off, so keep with us and submitted the following to find out the answer.


Before knowing what are the symptoms of quitting smoking, here’s some information about smoking, you may smoking leads to many negative effects on your health, including the risk of disease such as cancer, especially lung cancer, andheart disease, would you want to know your life is such a danger?

While this risk is a good incentive to quit smoking, however, quitting smoking may be difficult for some people because of the withdrawal symptoms, which may include irritability, headaches, constant cravings to get nicotine.

Although quitting smoking can be challenging, however the benefits of quitting smoking physical and psychological well-worth it for sure.

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The benefits of quitting smoking

Before answering What are the symptoms of quitting smoking here are some of the benefits of quitting smoking:

  1. Within one month of quitting smoking will be the nicotine receptors numerous in your brain to normal, and thus you will earn a cycle of nicotine addiction once and for all.
  2. Within two weeks to the 12 week will improve circulation, which makes physical activity much easier and reduces the risk of a heart attack.
  3. It is also within about 48 hours of quitting smoking will begin the nerve endings to grow back, which improves your feeling of smell taste back after smoking was started in the destroyed.
  4. Besides improving the development and physical activity, the increased oxygen in your body will give you more energy.
  5. Quitting smoking improves circulation and increases oxygen levels and inflammation, all of these things give your immune system a boost, making it easier to fight diseases, which include colds and other seasonal diseases.
  6. Adverse effects the most obvious that smoking is also the yellowing teeth and bad breath, in addition to increasing the likelihood of infections of the mouth, but when you quit smoking within a week of quitting, you’ll start seeing the difference and feeling it.
  7. Smoking can hurt your sex life. also, it increases the risk of Berectile dysfunction in men contributes to sexual dysfunction in females, but when you quit smoking these risks start to disappear significantly.
  8. Finally, it may take a few years after quitting smoking, but you will reduce your risk of cancer, such as:

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What are the symptoms of quitting smoking primary?

Symptoms of quitting smoking can be severe for some, may feel a lot of people they have the flu when they’re going through withdrawal, this is because smoking affects every system in your body, and when you quit smoking, your body needs to adapt to the lack of nicotine in some way.

It is important to remember that these side effects are only temporary; the symptoms of quitting smoking may include the following:

Headache, nausea,

Smoking affects every system in the body, headaches, nausea, physical symptoms most common in this case.

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Tingling in hands and feet

When you start blood circulation in the challenge after leaving the nicotine your body, you may feel tingling in your hands and your feet.

Cough and sore throat

You might get a cough and sore throat when you begin your lungs in cleansing the mucus and other toxins left behind by smoking wholesale.

Increased appetite which may be associated with weight gain

This occurs for two reasons, either because of the increased energy that you experience when you quit smoking, which lead to increase your appetite, or because some people eat more because they replace cigarettes with food to overcome the habit of smoking.

Nicotine cravings

Your body gets used to the nicotine by a large percentage when you smoke, so when you are about to enter the army will stop him dramatically; do not worry you will married this desire gradually during two to four weeks.

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Irritability, frustration and anger

With the many changes that occur to your body by leaving you for smoking has put a great pressure to a certain extent, which leads the anger.

What are the symptoms of quitting smoking the other?


Affects of nicotine on the intestinal microflora and the colon and constipation, and when you feel the nicotine may experience constipation, because your body will try to adapt without him.

Anxiety, depression and insomnia

Smokers have an increased risk of depression and anxiety, although the reason is not clear, you may smoke to feel better, so when you quit smoking, you may feel more anxiety and depression, as insomnia is also common.

Difficulty concentrating

All the side effects of quitting smoking can lead to the difficulty of focusing in your daily tasks in the first place.

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Dry mouth

Smoking is a common cause of dry mouth, stress and anxiety associated with withdrawal can make it worse, while your smoking.

If you find it difficult to quit smoking alone, the doctor can help you quit, and your doctor if you are ready to withdraw, the doctor can talk to you about medicines that can help you quit, for further information or questions similar to what are the symptoms of quitting smoking you can consult one of our doctors here.

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