What are the symptoms of prostate congestion and treated?

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Most men prefer not to think in the presence of a member such as the prostate – the real thing is that it works, but it should stop a half men after the age of six complaints of the prostate, even in his younger years, can bring the prostate gland attention to its presence, the desire, the night urination, poor stream of urine of the symptoms of prostate congestion model. You will learn more about the symptoms of prostate congestion, causes, treatment and Prevention of while reading the article, now!

What is congestion of the prostate?

Prostate the size of a chestnut is one of the internal genital organs of males contributes to the formation of sperm and blockage of the bladder, semen and metabolism of hormonal.

Prostate congestion occurs when available, or include the prostate gland, due to accumulation of fluid after pumping the blood more than normal for that region, accompanies this case the pain and inflammation become chronic over time.

أعراض احتقان البروستاتا

أعراض احتقان البروستاتا

What are the causes congestion of the prostate?

Fraud resulting from acute bacterial prostatitis needs of the organism to a number of protection mechanisms, but in some cases you may lose these events, these include a narrowing of the urethra (for example because of the scars), and like the reflection of the bladder or inserting a catheter the bladder, but also diabetes or disorders of the immune system, be of etiology predominantly Escherichia coli (which constitute a large part of the bacteria’s feces) and other intestinal bacteria.

Prostate congestion chronic

Although this figure is very common, but the exact causes are still unknown, in recent years, were clashes in the presence of different stimuli, such as a narrowing of the urethra with the return of fluid to the prostate, or the secretion of restricted fluids of the prostate (which accumulates after that), or an autoimmune disease or even spores there are no simply ways to reveal them, and problems in the muscles of the pelvic floor and the effects mental.

As it also causes inflammation of the urinary bladder, caused by a change in the permeability of the mucosa to harmful substances, in addition to masturbate excessively or gender as well, chronic constipation, intake of coffee and tea a lot, said drink water, the problem of the testis, cancer or an enlarged prostate, cysts.

What are the symptoms of congestion of the prostate?

  • Desire are quite painful urination and difficulty urinating.
  • Desire the night urination.
  • Pain in the perineum during bowel movements.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • The rise in temperature with chills and feel nauseous.
  • Inflammation of the urinary bladder, epididymis, tub kidney.
  • Feeling of a full bladder.
  • Pain when everybody.

Symptoms of prostate congestion chronic

The chronic form, regardless of whether bacteria are the cause or not – is when the symptoms persist for more than three months ago, here also there are complaints of pain urinating or the pain sharp or dull in the area of the bladder or the anus or perineum or the pelvis, which can radiate in the back, some patients are also complaining of erectile dysfunction blood in sperm or blood in the urine, pain during ejaculation and after, pain in the muscles or joints.

Complications of prostate congestion

Complications the most common symptoms of prostate congestion are:

  • Abscess of the prostate, an encapsulated purulent inflammation.
  • Inflammation of the epididymis or the testes.
  • Prostate congestion chronic associated with the development of prostate cancer.
  • Abnormalities of sperm and.
  • Bacteremia.

أعراض احتقان البروستاتا

أعراض احتقان البروستاتا

How to diagnose the symptoms of congestion of the prostate?

The doctor says often make a diagnosis suspected based on the symptoms of prostate congestion is described, when it is to the rectum, often feel the prostatic gland and very painful, especially in cases of acute infections.

Include a range of options for diagnostic examination of the urine (before and after prostate massage), and look for signs of inflammation and germs in the blood, and an ultrasound examination of (for example, to exclude dementia).

Examination of X-rays using contrast media (imaging of the urinary tract), in chronic pelvic pain syndrome, a measurement is made of the function of the bladder and fetishistic and (Urodynamics).

Treatment of prostate congestion

Treatment of prostate congestion medication

In congestion of the prostate caused by inflammation acute bacterial, the focus is on antibiotic therapy, is injected -usually at the hospital – for the first time in a vein or muscle, then take after that for a month by mouth depending on the pathogens, the active substances are ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, azithromycin, erythromycin or doxycycline, must be taken to appropriate antibiotics over several weeks (maybe up to one year)

In addition, bed rest is necessary and are prescribed pain relievers and many anti-deformation, and in some cases medication to relieve the bladder muscles and improve urinary flow (receptor blockers Alpha), eat nutritional and herbal supplements.

Turns out that the extract of pollen (available in capsules from the pharmacy) effective in some studies; perhaps medicinal plants such as pumpkins or saw palmetto or bearberry can reduce the symptoms or prevent further infections.

In case of retention of poly, i.e., the inability to empty the bladder, should pass catheter in the bladder temporarily through the abdominal wall, the abscess should be conquest surgically, it is advised to also provide psychological counselling.

Remove the prostate as part of the treatment

If everything does not help in the healing of the symptoms of prostate congestion treatment, you should consider surgical removal of the prostate, with Shape inflammatory bacterial vaginosis, also start experience with antibiotics (even if not detected pathogens), along with anti-inflammatory agents.

Some experts believe also that the prostate massage three times a week, or a heat treatment is inserted through the urethra (TUMT = treatment of heat through the urethra) is useful.

أعراض احتقان البروستاتا

أعراض احتقان البروستاتا

What you can do with the source in contempt of the prostate?

Using some general measures for the Prevention of prostate congestion and to alleviate symptoms of prostate congestion:

  • It is important to empty the bladder regularly to flush the germs and overcoming the systematic reduction of the risk of the migration of intestinal bacteria and the pressure on the prostate.
  • You should avoid hypothermia, so you should wear warm underwear and change wet clothes as soon as possible.
  • Warmth promotes blood circulation: recommended for bathrooms, hip warm regular.
  • With all the chronic forms, it is not necessary to provide physical protection, or to refrain from the Sexual, on the contrary: regular ejaculation expels germs, jogging, light promotes relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • You must treat urinary tract infections by a doctor at an early stage to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Exercises to relax the muscles and self-massage reducing symptoms in some sufferers.
  • Recommended a specialist of the urinary tract by applying a balanced diet and fresh contains a high percentage of fiber in addition to regular physical activity and exercise exercises are sufficient to relieve the symptoms of prostate congestion.
  • From the age of 45, you must have the regular examination of the prostate once a year.

After learning about the symptoms of prostate congestion if you notice the onset of any symptoms that have been mentioned above, you or someone close to you, you should visit a doctor immediately and receive proper treatment so as not to limit the complications of prostate congestion which may link to cancer.

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