What are the symptoms of pregnancy with twins?

Rose the birth of twins by 40 per cent since the seventies of the last century, the reason for this is of the hand of the executive is due to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and sperm injection inside injection (ICSI) is often fertilize between 2-3 cells in vitro to increase the chances of success, it is not rare that it comes with the Twins and even three times the births.

Wales is also a woman’s age a crucial role in most women who develop symptoms of pregnancy with twins is greater than 35 years old on average, and we will recognize through the symptoms of pregnancy with twins how to birth complications and special symptoms of pregnancy with twins.

Symptoms of pregnancy with twins in the first month

Some women feel already that they are pregnant even before testing, for example changes in her breasts, the breast becomes more tense and sensitive, or bra favorite uncomfortable suddenly, the reason why already in that the beginning of the pregnancy, the breast starts to prepare for breastfeeding is to stimulate the mammary glands to grow by increasing the production of hormones, change the nipples also show more clearly.
But not only the breasts reveals about having a baby, there are a few symptoms of pregnancy with twins such as morning sickness, may include fatigue, mood swings, and pull in the lower abdomen also, can occur a great appetite or aversion to sudden certain foods and smells, varices of the legs, the ground, frequent urination, depression

أعراض الحمل بتوأم في الشهر الأول

Symptoms of pregnancy with twins in the second month

Wonder Women about the symptoms of pregnancy with twins in the sixth week of pregnancy, additional symptoms, such as flatulence, constipation, frequent urination or even a runny nose, the symptoms are usually in the sixth week of pregnancy usually do not cause panic.

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If you feel uncomfortable, and you have a bad feeling, you have to go to the doctor to make sure that everything is fine because the first three months of pregnancy pose a significant risk.

Symptoms of pregnancy with twins identical

Occur pregnancy symptoms with twins always when the fertilized cell from the eggs or when the divided cells of the fertilized egg is already at a very early stage and the Twins matched have their genetic materials are identical, and they are so alike, and they are always of the same sex-two girls or two boys.

It can seem twins dizzy alike, but can be completely different, due to the development of cells of two different eggs, you can be lucky and get a couple: a boy and a girl.

There are some questions that may revolve in the minds of some about the symptoms of pregnancy with twins

أعراض الحمل بتوأم متماثل

You multiply the complaints also in pregnancy symptoms of twins?

May be the symptoms of pregnancy twins such as nausea, extreme fatigue more obvious in the campaign for the twin, but don’t worry, there is a common problem with having twins is the lack of iron, blood volume increases more than the singleton pregnancy this means that the blood is thinner and produces red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen to the food rich in iron is not enough in the raid.

The body did a lot of symptoms of pregnancy with twins, so comfort is very important, may increase the weight of children and the waistline grows up and develops into pain in the back according to the statistics, are likely to suffer maternal twins of postpartum depression, but this does not necessarily apply to every pregnancy is completely individual, even twins.

You’ll take the examination more often in twin pregnancy to?

Fit a multiple birth under the category of pregnancy risk, there are three different forms of cases the symptoms of pregnancy with twins, live twins dizzy (nut) in two different systems in the womb for every child the placenta of its own, identical twins split the placenta according to the time of cell division, if the children divide the placenta (Mono), has lead to the so-called Syndrome embryo transfer during pregnancy.

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Then it is save one child from the placenta better than the other If watch the placenta of children is twins monoamniotic mono color, this constellation is especially perilous, because children can share with umbilical cords so it is usually a twin pregnancy is accompanied by follow-up significantly larger than the normal load must be visiting the doctor every two weeks.

How the twins were born.

Doesn’t have to be born twins by cesarean section, depending on the time of their birth and how they are in the womb, can be born also by the vagina, however, the likelihood of caesarean section was higher, so it must be related to the maternal twin with all the staff.

Generates most of the Twins after the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, about 7 percent of babies are born babies prematurely before the thirty third week of pregnancy, usually born twins of two pieces (The Nut) after the thirty-second week of pregnancy, are often celebrated with the Twins matched until the end of the thirty-sixth week and the Twins mono sound mono until the end of the week, the thirty-fourth, these are the expected values.

كيفية ولادة التوأم

What complications can occur in pregnancy symptoms of twins?

Occur premature birth before thirty-sixth week of pregnancy, in about half the cases of twin pregnancy, trust in your instinct, if you feel that there is something wrong, and to the doctor immediately, sometimes very little, happen to preeclampsia, which is called preeclampsia more frequently when pregnant women.

This double serious and require immediate medical attention are usually detect preeclampsia by measuring blood pressure and control urine, however in the case of the occurrence of these symptoms, you should go to the doctor immediately:

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Pain in the upper abdomen vomiting headache strong, sudden swelling in feet, ankles, face and hands as well as powerful and fast increase in weight from water retention.

Can I breastfeed my twins in?

Can certainly breastfeed twins is the body in pregnancy and produce enough milk for two children however, if babies were born very early, it is likely that they still are very weak in absorption, and then is pumped breast milk using a breast pump and feed her with a bottle, if the child is ready and strong enough, you can switch to breastfeeding as normal, however it may not be milk enough.

There are some tips to deal with the twins, namely:

Routine specific

The best way to deal with the Twins will be making them to depend on the specific routine be a good fit for them and parents, so do select your activities and the activities of your children during the day with the imposition of time dedicated to sleep and food.

To facilitate the process of lactation

Will need your babies to the breast as often as every hour and a half.

Bathroom twin

Tried to do my en-suite twin at the same time with the assistance of someone with you.

Dressed and twin

With newborns, you can keep the old things, Kalfas, the same shoes, in addition to the importance of organizing the closet in a proper manner, what facilitates the process of finding the clothing and the purposes, spend some time with each child.

From here we had finished our conversation about the symptoms of pregnancy with twins multiple, often what is discovered in twin pregnancies between Week X and XII by ultrasound, as we touched on some of the questions on this subject that you might think of the mothers.

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