What are the symptoms of pregnancy in first week?

Pregnancy is a part of the life of any female, it is the concern of every married woman to satisfy her desire to have children, so have all the woman enthusiasm and passion for to know whether pregnant or not as soon as possible, especially when you are newly married, so I have a passion for in the follow-up symptoms of pregnancy in the first week.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week after the session

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week after the session you may meet her before the stop of the menstrual cycle directly, and be aware that the symptoms of pregnancy in the first week similar to the symptoms of the menstrual cycle, most doctors calculate pregnancy from the first day of a violation of the menstrual cycle last, where it is difficult to determine pregnancy and ovulation, but can identify signs of menstrual cycle easily.

If you talk to women with a doctor during the week shows that they are in the period of the menstrual cycle and there is no campaign, and the report noting that the actual composition of the child begins in the second or third week, this depending on the length and duration of menstrual cycle, if you discover you’re pregnant you’ll think you’re pregnant in the first week, but the likelihood that you will be pregnant in the third week or the fourth, you can’t define it accurately but if you go to the doctor.

To learn the symptoms of pregnancy in the first week will be similar to the symptoms of PMS and consists of:

  1. Bleeding in the vagina because the body gets rid of the lining of the uterus occupied the egg was fertilized last month.
  2. Feeling pain in the lower back to the lining of the uterus and constriction of the uterus, to result in the pain in the back and abdomen.
  3. The occurrence of bulging as a result of fluctuation of hormones before and during the menstrual cycle.
  4. More volatile because of the rampage fluctuating hormones and confusion in the emotions.
  5. Incidence of migraine during the menstrual cycle disorder of hormones, in this case, the help of compresses of cold water and painkillers and relaxation exercises to alleviate the pain.

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What is asymptoms Atherefore day pregnancy?

Women feel the symptoms of pregnancy in the first week, you may conclude that the symptoms from woman to woman, and symptoms of pregnancy in the first week. The following:

  • Feeling short of breath where women feel the need tired fatigue shortness of breathing time is fast than before, free of any activity you are doing, to include an increase in heart rate and irregular breathing, the reason is due to the situation of women oxygen complications that need are and her fetus.
  • The feeling of pain in the chest from the feel of the pregnant woman pain in her chest, especially in the first pregnancy, the team at touching anything for the chest, and it is likely that increases its size a little, and those of the main symptoms of pregnancy in the first week.
  • Some women feel nauseous in the first campaign, while others feel it after the seventh week of pregnancy, it be most of the time in the morning and can happen at any time of the day.
  • Donate constantly of the most important symptoms of pregnancy in the first week, increasing times pissed a lot of women in the first pregnancy, due to the production of body fluid to produce work of the bladder faster.
  • Headaches, most pregnant women feel the headache in the first period of pregnancy to assess hormones in the body.
  • Feeling pain in the back area where most pregnant women back pain particularly down and this pain crumpled similar to the pain of the menstrual cycle to continue during pregnancy.
  • Volatility these are among the symptoms of pregnancy in the first week where the uterus plants and to prepare to receive the embryo.
  • Wave where the period starts waving at some of the women since the beginning of the pregnancy he lies in a woman’s desire to eat something specific like food or drink smells and never eat it, and ending this phenomenon after the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • Mood swings this symptom of pregnancy in the first week. Where women complain of mood swings. not available to the nerve the feeling of gloom and sadness and frustration of things is almost trivial and does not require these feelings, this is due to the reception of a woman’s body the hormones New.
  • Dizziness every pregnant woman suffer from dizziness and vertigo due to blood pressure and lower blood sugar hunger to score it women feeling dizzy from the first day to protect it.
  • The sense of smell be strong when some of the women to any of the odors, so that the brand’s products when some of the women from the first day of pregnancy.

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أعراض الحمل في الأسبوع الأول

The first signs of pregnancy after ovulation

Signs of pregnancy after ovulation period which is where a fertilized egg sac of the Army during the early stages of pregnancy, which can be lengthened from one week to four weeks from the start of pregnancy, they are aggregations of cells which are filled with liquid, and after the fourth week of pregnancy, says a blastocyst implanted in the uterine lining, and that includes pregnancy symptoms in first week through bleeding is called cars, where this is characterized by bleeding some of the characteristics of them:

Merge bleeding with some pain, be between severe and light, medium, remain this bleeding for less than 3 days.

What are the risks of weight gain and weight loss during pregnancy?

Both weight gain and weight loss during pregnancy of the risk factors can have consequences for you and the child, where the risk factors include obesity, increased blood pressure, as well as the so-called ” gestational diabetes“, despite the fact that obesity temporarily affect pregnancy to result in “gestational diabetes” Provisional, to that of normal-weight women, they can injury gestational diabetes also.

Can affect sugar pregnancy on the course of pregnancy and the health of her unborn child, among other things can affect the growth of the child, if the expectant mother has a high proportion of sugar in the blood, this also applies to the child in the future, as a result comes the unborn child more insulin, the test is made to determine whether gestational diabetes is present or not as part of the examination between the week twenty-seventh the twenty-eighth of pregnancy.

أعراض الحمل في الأسبوع الأول

If weight gain during pregnancy increase the risk of overweight in the child or risk of diabetes, and even lack of weight in pregnancy involves an increased risk of pregnancy complications such as premature birth or developmental abnormalities in the child, if I had started the pregnancy with a lack of weight, you should pay attention to a balanced diet and nutritious during pregnancy.

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If you suffer from overweight or underweight during pregnancy, please do not use diets or other ways that prepare you to get a normal weight, because this may cause serious damage to you and your child, please speak with a doctor in it. if you are experiencing increased or decreased weight to know what is a balanced diet, nutrients in pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week vary from one woman to another and between dizziness, headache, nausea, pain in the chest and in the case of the occurrence of any of the symptoms mentioned above should refer to a doctor immediately to conduct the required test.

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